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London Pride parade a form of child abuse
London Shame It is now
fifty years since the legalisation of homosexual acts and to celebrate London
has just had its biggest "Gay Pride" parade ever, the biggest in
Europe. Busses and taxis were decked out in rainbow colours, and the whole
panjandrum spons...

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Just Having a Laugh
2:  Really Not Funny When comedy broadcasting is not a theatre of cruelty it
seldom reverts to what might be called natural humour, by which I mean simple
good fun, instead it falls back on social and political manipulation, some of
it q...

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Has the meaning of the word "Pervert" changed? Can this word still be used or is it now too offensive? An exchange of Emails over the use of the word pervert. A Three Man Marriage - photo Daily Mail From Prayer Crusader St Theresa
of Avila It
was your use o...

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The Bloody BBC Three major Islamic terrorist attacks in three months and
after each one the BBC interview "nice" Muslims who sound so
reasonable in a deliberate attempt to deflect criticism from the diabolic
religion. By doing this and the corporation's lon...

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A Poem by John Medlin - Sorrowful tramp of boots on sanded streets
ISLAM “That England
that was wont to conquer others Hath made a
shameful conquest of itself.” (Richard II,
2:1, ll. 65-6) Sorrowful
tramp of boots on sanded streets: In
winter’s grey, sad companies of men Manhandle
Churchill’s coffin with dul...

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Happy Easter  It is  difficult for many to hang on to the true meaning of Christianity. Today we have news that Tesco's  extremely   poor understanding of Christianity and natural moral values have surfaced again with their advert "Great offers on beer and ...

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The BBC's infiltration of Islam? There
is a field of thought at the BBC that goes along the lines that if they
accommodate Muslims, Muslims will convert to their secular inclusive version of
religion, and that BBC Islam will be more tolerant. They have succ...

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Fake News and Neglected
News That the new
president of the United States has found a catch phrase that everyone is now
using is at last a bit of good news. We've been bombarded with words like
homophobia, "Gay" rights (as if to oppose this is to be anti-hap...

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·          Catholic hierarchy's silence about modern film and TV is coming home to roost. ·          The Pope meets Scorsese
many are beginning to question the Pope's judgement on this and many other
things. ·          A Catholic points
out Catholics cannot...
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