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"Some people dream of success...others stay awake to achieve it."
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I really love your website is there any chance you can make a vid on how to achive a pretty smile on the spot!?
thanks for what u said... :D
+Michelle Phan and you did achieve it by working late into the night for years making your videos.  Great job! :)
I however, dream of it. Then the next day, try my hardest to achieve it. :) <3
I love watching your tutorials  and i am vietnamese like you!
thats a great quote. but what dont you need to dream before you can achieve it? how can you achieve something that you havent thought about?
I dream of having success like you...And stay awake to achieve watching your videos 
You are so inspiring. I love that quote, I can hear you saying it to me in my head.
Bea Uty
michelle i am new here and how i call to you?
i want to see you
Not some people but EVERYBODY dream of being a sucess....but few wake up to reality and work very hard into being a sucess.
Hi Michelle♥ I love you and I want to have hangout with you :)
I love your makeup video but where do buy your makeup ?
Hi Michelle!I am a huge fan of you but I never get to see you in real life: - (
EVERYBODY dream of being a sucess.....FEW wake 2 reality and work very hard into achieving tht sucess.....MAJORITY sit IDLE..,hoping their dreams wuld be served 2 them on a SILVER PLATTER.
Amazing :D I love you Michelle Phan ❤🎀👯
are you vietnamese well am a vietnamese girl
hi  im   vikas   singh    love  me  to
EW , don't say that to Michelle Phan okey
and don't say that to me but if you said that to me i will kill you
what do you mean I was talking to the guy that said something bad
I Michelle Phan big fan I my be little, but I love beauty and fashion.My sister watches you to We love you!!
i love you michelle! and promise!
Love you Michelle you always inspire me ♡♡♡
That some achieve great sucess, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.ABRAHAM LINCOL
Hi i have a love problem can you help me???
Can you make a video on how to pluck your eyebrows and fill them in
Michelle! Post something, like exclusive beauty tips!
Jun Tao
hi add me please!!!!!!
Jun Tao
add me please
Jun Tao
please add me
hi i loveee your videos they are preatty cool
Hi michelle I love you and what you do sooooooooooooo much you are the best and all so I use this username because my old ones I have forgotton but I have folled you ever since the start of this year I know it might be a bit late to have just found you this year but you are still the best and are a ledgend. :) :) :) :).
Ringling School of Art and Design?? Curious about this school and your experience...i'm in Calif. and pretty much sef taught but looking for coolio (cool) online options...
Michelle Phan, you truly are inspirational...
you are sooooooo inspiring and i am your biggest fan

you are my absolute favorite makeup guru
if this could be on haul or nothing i would be soooooo happy and grateful  :  i am a procrastinator so i forgot of buy my friends birthday present (as always) so i ran to the closest beauty store and picked out some nail polishes and lip glosses but i only had 30$ and 10 minutes.please help
I think we dream and stay awake to see the end success
Michelle, you inspire me to be a makeup artist :) thats what keeping "awake", even if im young :)
Michelle phan, you are my hero. 
If you don't know were you are going to, its better you go back to were you are coming from.
Hi Michelle,

I am one of your big fans. I've probably seen all of your videos, and each one inspires me. I don't mean to sound conceited but I've always been a good drawer. So after watching your videos, I've tried lots of makeup ideas and techniques inspired by you. You are not just a makeup guru but an artist. I want to be like you when I grow up (I'm younger than my profile says) and I think you are just great. I think it would be so great if I was just like you. You are such a nice person. I am hoping to start doing tutorials of my own but I just can't get any good lighting. I am starting to get some makeup (i.e., brushes, eyeshadows) and I really hope that all will work out. You are so talented, it would be so amazing if you could help me out. Thank you so much, Michelle!
thanks would you like to call me?
hi Michelle , I'm Regina from Malaysia . i don't know if this message will reach you or not . but i just want to ask for a gift . a Christmas gift :P i know you don't even know me (i'm one of your fan) and who would ask a Christmas gift from a stranger and who would give a gift to stranger . haha . but if you can consider my wish i would want a makeup set . i love makeup and love all your tutorial . here in Malaysia , drugstore makeup cost me a fortune . like seriously . i'm a student and i can't afford all that . and my parents are not even has big income . the cost for an good eyeliner here is just like you buy a SK-II product . thats how they cost for me . i don't ask for all the high-end product . what i want here just a drugstore product like maybelline , elf etc ... from what i know , they only cost 2-3 dollars for an eyeliner . so , please consider this . and why i want it is from u is because u are my inspiration , my idol . and of course this will be a great Christmas to have my first Christmas gift :) because here in Malaysia , we don't have that tradition , (giving and receiving gift on Christmas) , well depend to the parents actually 

so here my drugstore product wish list . and would not cost u too much i promise . :)

1 . Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stains (the red and orange)
2. Maybelline Gel Liner (black and brown)
3. Maybelline Mineral Concealer (Light)
4. matte eyeshadow (any brand) (any color)
5. Foundation ( any brand would be okay , Light)
6. lipstick( nude color , and brand)
7. nyx liquid crystal eyeliner ( white or silver)
8. waterproof eyeliner (liquid and pencil , any brand)
9. eyeshadow primer ( any brand)
10. black mascara ( any brand)

thankyou in advance Michelle if u read this and u agree with me , reply me and i'll give u my address . God Bless YOu <3
Very amazing,talented,cool,inspiring,and beautiful
"And now Michelle, I want know what you think of your affirmation"
Love you, your channel, and what you do!!!
hi i did not think you were so pretty IJJ 
Cindy C
I dream of success...
How do I achieve my dream?
this reminds me of the stupid people who dont do anything
hi i dont know how to upload a video please,please help me D:
Hey Michelle, what makeup brush set do you use?
I love all your videos on YouTube. You have improved my make-up 1000 times better. You are the best. Keep working hard :)
Hello!!!!!! I love watching your videos! You're so beautiful!! I hope you never ever stop making videos!! I love you! :D
can you check my new videos please tnx! <3
i've always loved your tutorials yoy've always been there since i was little with my older sister
michelle my dream is to meet you in person i watched all your videos and i heard you live in FL please follow me on google and instagram my instagram is redhead921 P.S. im a little girl thats a really BIG fan of yours <3
ı love you michelle you are so cute!! :*
your so awsome i love your how to be a heartbreaker video
if we are still 11 year old can we still to talk with you and i from singapore
hi michelle, theres not a day that i do not watch your videos. more awesome vids to come:)
i've seen all your videos and i really wish i can see you in person i've been trying to contact you on google, instagram, youtube and still nothing your the best make up guru i've ever known <3  hope to see you some day
you are an inspiring person for all of us and my sisters love you:)
i hate you michelle your the worst  from angelique borjas
angelique....back off. I saw your google+ and you don't have anything there. Also, Michelle is better than you far as I know.
plz add me to ur circles
ur makeup videos are amazing keep em comin!!
whoop whoop!
whoop whoop!
can u come to london???
or even to baldock(thats where i live)
Hi my name is mariyen and i had a commenton youtube to one of your videos saying that people say that you got plastic surgery and i said im a big fan and that im only eleven and that i wanted to know the truth. Just because you speak the truth, doesnt mean that they will start to hate you its just that people keep saying your fake and so i want you to read this and i really love your videos. You are my role model, so dont change how you look, you are beautiful the way you are!
im only eleven also but I love you and don't belive for a second that you had plastic surgury
dude michelle, swoozie is ur bf right. just asking personal stuff ya know
Priya M
Please except me 
U rock :)
You're my inspiration! I absolutely love what you do, and I thank you for everything you've ever done <3 Thanks
Its true,and what i think,is just b'coz  God has given us a free choice through out our minds  preference,so wea all given da same chance bt wea differs on how to plan,objective,strategize and sound-able time in implementing the action plan towards archieving our goals.dats what i think though we might the same dream bt 2archieve them is how wea starting 2differs through our ways out.@michelle
oooh come on stop joking what videos my dear buddy mmmnh!just b frankl opened@molly da brain beuty.
Hey Michelle...just happened to run into one of your bids and was awestruck at how simple you made things look while at the same time made me understand just what you guys go through to look as beautiful as you do. Keep it up and I wish you all the success in the world. Simply amazing.
Hi michelle, 
Im such a huge fan
From Maddie
P.S. It would mean the world to me if you replied
yeah hi i'm very well thanks ,i want to see your own photo on your profile
I wish she'd use her account! Looove her from her vids!
I like people who have a mind like you  gooddddd
your very successful . wish you all the best. continue as a good example to everyone. God Bless :)
that is like its written to my sister
I love u so much!!! im 11 and have a big dream to be like you can you give me editing advice for videos?
i want you to follow me aswell will you it because my sister always watches you and she wants to know what is gonna be your latest update
dear Michelle 
I will appreciate if you could help me.
would you Lady??
ur makeup is....
You are beautiful Michelle. I am Vietnamese too. Therefore, you are very inspirational to me.
Michelle you are a true inspiration i'm sure every one knows that
hi, i am unzella , i am 9 years old i just love your videos you are awesome oh and when you see this comment you might be wondering how i got my account well this is my mom's account ok well i kind of got mixed up in your videos so i don't know whats your newest video so please tell me and check out my PROFILE. Ok well, byeeee tc <3
your beautiful but are you a kind person with a good heart or just a stuck up itch with success an a prety face .I have two beautiful daugh one is sweet one is a nasty itch still I love them both the same .I hope the best for you either way .I tell my daugh be you never want to be like someone else only be you an work hard an you can have an do what every you want .benita brooks 
you are soo prettey i love all your videos on youtube i even subcribed to you, you are sooo kind hearted...........................
I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)) 
Wow all i can say is wow

We have to be a good time to do you want it was a good
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