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My first attempt at close-up. Had to wait ages for one of these buggers to land and sit still long enough to get a shot ha ha.

I would love to get a good macro lens one of these days, ah well, just another item to add to the ever growing wish list.
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Macro lenses tend to be a bit on the spendy side. Well worth it if you are a working photographer and clients are paying the freight. However, for an enthusiast photographer—not camera-buff—close-up lenses are a very economical alternative, permitting much closer focusing. I have used them a lot on medium format cameras where close focusing was not an option, and countless images have been published, with not a single editor questioning their quality.

They are made by companies who make filters—Tiffen, Hoya, B+W, etc.—and screw into the front of a lens just like a filter. They come in a variety of strengths, and can be stacked to increase their strength.

They work just fine for photography, but lack the object-appeal of an expensive lens for a camera-buff.
+Larry Bolch Thanks for that. I've often looked at close-up lenses and wondered about the quality they could produce. You are certainly right about the price range of good macro lenses. I would find it very hard to justify the cost (especially to my wife!!!) considering I make no money from photography.

I will definitely look into purchasing a reasonably priced set and trying them out.
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