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Life updates
Hola everyone! Happy Halloween, I have been super lazy about updating this blog as my work laptop did some weird encryption that prevented me from transferring files from my SD card.  Today I flew into Hawaii for the weekend and apparently Waikiki's Hallowe...

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stupid ipad. this game godfinger has sucked up my entire sunday!!
GodFinger All-Stars

social games! just finished a presentation on one, now i need to find one to play. suggestions? nothing fluffy, something with a little more meat to sink teeth into

client presentation today! aaaaaah! no actually it went pretty well, thanks to +Kevin Liu +Hyeokjun Song and +Michal Judovits ! go team!

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dammit, why didn't anyone tell me it was daylight savings time today!!? (here in madrid)

just realized she has 4 days this weekend and wants to go somewhere. suggestions?

IE Energy Day was a huge success! We had over 20 companies represent and have gotten great feedback! Good work everyone!

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ok all, i spent 1-7am this morning crafting a halfway decent presentation about SMARTGRIDS. not my best work, but if you have time today you should come to Ma Molina, E108 from 4-6pm. or you can just study while i blather on because we all know what a nerd i am : )

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