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That Asshole American (Zach)
Hail Columbia, happy land.
Hail Columbia, happy land.


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"Abraham Lincoln may have freed all men, but Samuel Colt made them equal."
"You may all go to Hell and I will go to Texas."

If you couldn't tell already, my name is Zach.
However, my full name is Zachary Ryan Snoke-Estes, most people prefer to just call me 'Zach.'
You'll find a lot of different shit on this profile, mostly just shitposts or memes.
Here's the link to the original, more in depth pinned post.
Sometimes, I'll post things about my travels, a picture or two.
I happen to be of a very mixed background.
On my dad's side, I am French, English, and Lebanese.
However, on my mother's side, I am Swedish, English, and Hebrew.
Enough about my heritage and my name.
In the collection titled "rickroll'd xd," you'll find everyday shitposts and memes, sometimes photos of my endeavors.
In the collection titled "The Depressing Reality of War" you shall find things about the military, photos of infantry, or just military equipment.
In the collection titled "i got spurs that jingle jangle jingle" will be shit about the Fallout franchise.
"/R/Copypasta" is pretty self explanatory.
And lastly, the collection titled "Cass" is simply about my dearest love, and my one and only.
If you clearly couldn't tell, I like spaghetti westerns, primarily Clint Eastwood's films.

And, now, for the honorable mentions.
+Cass ϟ My one and only, and my dearest. Life would not be the same without her.

+Cyprian Aurelius This cunt wouldn't be here without me, and I've known him longer than anyone else here.

+That Damned American Fellow Texan, and if you've got a fear of spiders, you might wanna stay away from him.

+Savage Sai Fellow sandnigger, I've known this cunt for a while as well.

+ya boi kenny Another sandnigger, but he's a homogay.
+Damage Inc Some gay ass German.

+Gunnery Sergeant Hartman Some gay faggot trap lover from New Jersey.

+Oliver Cromwell Did Nothing Wrong Some faggot.

+Jane Shepard My alternate account, which is going to be used for Mass Effect RPing.

The list shall be added on as time goes by, the time of creation of this post was 4:01 AM, 7/12/2017.
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Aren't all people gay if we're homosapiens?

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uhhhh sleep
love you +Cass ϟ
i'm gonna use this as my gn post from now on

this is for later, i'm not sleeping yet
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