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There SHOULD be a SCHISM in the DEMOCRATIC party: War-Criminal 9/11 terrorists (like Difi, Pelosi, Clinton, Summers, Napolitano, Reid acquiescing, even Boxer with her gross criminal negligence) VERSUS REAL DEMOCRATS.  Who do you think set up Spitzer with MK-ULTRA & covert weapons? That was Feinstein AND Clinton, probably Pelosi, too. Who do you think used a SHOOTER ON THE SHELF Dan White to kill Moscone & Milk and was documented (Pul Prize SJ Merc Journalist) doing so? Who do you think had Arizona Dem Gabby Gifford shot in the head, her top aide shot dead, an important Federal Judge shot dead? (Clinton did) Who do you think ran me out of town before I was supposed to meet with the head of NYS AG Organized Crime Task Force... and what's the deal with Lt Geary? Who let all those #VETERANS and 9/11 #WITNESSES  be tortured, severely brain impaired, and even murdered in a B'nai B'rith apartment building? Who put those war-criminal, false-flag prison terrorists in the B'nai B'rith building? Those homicidal maniacs from the Prison for the Criminally Insane? Carol Holle Chapman Raab, Nancy Varian infamous female arsonist, Joyce Simmons, her daughter Chris Lissa Simmons, her son Mark Foley, Beason's heavily mind-controlled niece Jeanne Roberts (now using the surname Thomas) , felony rapist & pedophile David Banks (black, bald and working with KKK Simmons!), the smiley face killers.... And why are these terrorists STILL in that building now owned by the "MULLHOLLAND GROUP"!?!? Who let them murder DOD Gary? Who let them slaughter great government workers????

You should've met with me, #Schneiderman  &  #Spitzer  , too. 911 was planned in 1994 CA planned with the Clintons & even Summers. Bruno is my mother's maternal cousin, an idiot Mafioso who got mixed up with your KKK fake CIA Simmons who are also Clinton buddies. Who put THOSE sociopaths in government? Chuck U R a SCHMUCK! For that matter, who set me up in CA with the Dutch Pilot in or the real Tim Osman (DiFi's illeg son) stalking me in chat in mid 96? Did you know I reported the planned hijackings from the FL cell in 1998? Chatted with them, Atta & UBL. Their attacks were planned for 1999.... guess who stopped them? I did. Guess who tag-teamed me & Spitzer? Mueller. Guess who put the kibosh on  having NorCA FBI investigate in 1998? Mueller headed up NorCA federal prosecutor's office... Guess who really F'd UP? YOU DID, NY TOP GOVERNMENT.
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Eric T. Schneiderman

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I Have been going to Labor board for six trying sove a pension problem for six years not yet iam. Felling some w ay need. Need help. 347_ 262_ 2399 TH
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Eric T. Schneiderman was elected the 65th Attorney General of New York State on November 2, 2010. As Attorney General, Schneiderman is the highest ranking law enforcement officer for the State, responsible for representing New York and its residents in legal matters. Schneiderman has worked to restore the public's faith in its public and private sector institutions by focusing on areas including public integrity, economic justice, social justice and environmental protection.