I was in Barnes and Nobles (B&N) with the kids today, picking up a couple of books for them. When I entered I saw the Nook display at the front door. I remember a while back +Todd Cochrane mentioned on Geek News Central the same thing, and (if I remember correctly) commenting how B&N was advertising their own demise. I am going from memory on that, so I could be mistaken on his comments.

I think, and hope, that B&N is able to co-exist with the Nook and avoid a demise like Borders. I see nothing wrong with B&N advertising the Nook in their stores, as it is a way to bridge the paper and electronic world. Devices like the Nook are great for travel. You can keep a library with you at all times. However, I still enjoy having a physical book to read.

When Amazon first came out, people would visit bookstores to look at the books, but then buy them on-line. If B&N plays their cards right, they can tap into that. If you have a Nook, still visit the store browse the books, feel the books. Yet, if you prefer an electronic format, then order it for the Nook. This is what I hope B&N has in mind and is able to accomplish. Also, I hope it is a feasible market for a company as well. Only time will tell.
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