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I was getting ready to dive back into X-Wing. Part of this included looking at picking up one more Y-Wing for a campaign I have mind. Though I see that most places have them out of stock or charging $45 for one. I know I could pick up Scum & Villainy Most wanted to get an extra Y-Wing for cheaper than that. What would be the odds of FFG re-releasing the Y-Wing as a single pack?

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Guess we should expect this in an upcoming wave? Looks cool, wonder what the stats will be.

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Over the Labor Day weekend played a couple of rounds with my son. Attached are some pictures. The first round was I was the Imperials (Two Tie Fighters and One Defender) and he was the Rebels (Headhunter, A-Wing, and Y-Wing. The game was just to get back into the hang of maneuvering and combat.

The second game I was the Rebels (Two B-Wings and One A-Wing) and he was the Imperials (Two Bombers and One Interceptor).  I won both games without a single ship loss. I contribute this to a lot of bad dice results. My son rolled a lot of blanks.

Lessons from these rounds:
- Still getting use planing movement better and building out the ships along with matching upgrades.
- Missiles did squat (A lot of bad dice rolls). I can see why the Munitions Failsafe is key to have.
- Loved having Ion Cannon on a B-Wing and staying behind a ship constantly keeping it with an Ion token. (The time my dice rolls were good)
- Auto Blaster another fun upgrade.

My son is still excited to play and is looking forward to playing it again.
X-Wing: Labor Day Weekend 2015
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Great news for Ticket to Ride fans. One of those wondering why they had not done a UK before. At the same time curious to see how the technology aspect will play. Also the Pennsylvania map is a curious addition as well.

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Saw the cover for Marvel's Darth Vader #13. Thought it would be a good picture for motivation/creativity for X-Wing. Not that we needed any extra motivation/creativity for it.

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Next #GenCon  News: TableTop Season 4.

Just announces by FFG at #gencon : Runebound returns!

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On my Twitter feed saw FFG anounced Wave 8, only picture was of a ship called Mist Hunter. Then from Rebels Imperial Assault Carrier that carries Tie Fighters and The Ghost. Pictures are not too great. Here is a link to their feed.

After four nights straight of my daughter asking to play Parcheesi (which I enjoy) I told her for tonight I choose the game. At first I kidded with her it would be Legendary. My son picked it up two years ago. Then we played Ticket To Ride. She was not sure about it. She did not recall playing the Netherlands edition when it first came out. After the first game, she wanted to play again. We played a second one. I think I got her hooked on it.

With #GenCon  going on, curious to see what announcements, tournaments, or other events people are interested in hearing about. Here are the ones that caught my eye:

- Announcement of Diana Jones Award: Guide to Glorantha
- Hearing that the Titansgrave RPG book did sell out of today's copy. (Not surprised at this one) 
- Saw the Fury of Dracula pre-video released today. Curious to see if anything else comes out on it.

I know it is still early for the  convention, but always fun to see recaps and pics.
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