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Awesome impossible triangle

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This speaks to the core of why I decided to make the web my place of business.
I spend countless hours inside it all and am constantly learning and evolving my service to others.
+GoWebben is all about this.
Thank you. To have words like this put to my own thoughts and feelings in such a perfect way is very liberating in my adventures.
The Changing Role of Web Design

" no longer need “web design” nor do you just need a web design company. What you really need is a web professional who lives and breathes the web..." +David Amerland 

I couldn't agree more with this article! #WebDesign  has come a long way and is evolving to much more than making things "look pretty". A great web designer or developer must understand consumers from a psychological perspective and have some marketing chops to make sure the design gets a specific job done for the consumer. 

Read the full article here:

If more people understood this stuff, we'd have far less junky websites out there, and far less people claiming to be web designers/developers. 

HT +Laurie Varga for the find, and also for the new term, Communication Designer. I think I will adopt that in some form.

#semanticweb   #design  

We are in the final stretch of the complete rebuild, rebrand & relaunch of my company +GoWebben.
It's been a huge job and a long time coming...
I'm super excited about it!

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And if you are wondering about the spoken word in the last track on the new Karnivool album, that is interesting, here is a link:
LSD Research
#lsd #karnivool #consciousness #love  

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another funny email...
maybe do another english course before sending out emails like this...

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The crazy hours we work!

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