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Living life, Creatively.
Living life, Creatively.

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Arts and Crafts: Paper Plate Colossal Squid
My boys (mostly my youngest) are super technical when it comes to animals (thanks Wild So, I tend to center alot of their learning around them. This ocean exhibit will be one of a few LARGE projects we will tackle over the next few months. So...

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Homeschool: Melissa and Doug Floor Puzzle Review
A few of our favorite floor puzzles: Learning Express does have a website! I checked it out but it doesn't seem to offer the same sales as they do in store.  They are also available on Amazon:  Underwater Oasis ,  Exploring Space  and  Dinosaur World  

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How To Make A Short "Stop Motion" Video Using Your Smartphone
About a month ago, my husband tried to explain to me that there was this new feature on my phone that would allow me to create short animated videos. I am NOT tech savvy and probably don't use half of the features on my phone. So, I pretty much ignored it.....

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Homeschool: Building A Battery Operated Car (Review)
Nothing like a little STE(A)M project to get the kids excited! I found this kit on Amazon and after reading reviews, decided to give it a try. The boys really enjoyed putting it together and they are still playing with it, two days later.  Everything includ...

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Homeschool: Odd/Even Race Track Game
Throwback Post Closing out our first week of Even & Odd, in Math, and the boys caught on fairly well. I added this fun game to our lesson plan because my boys love racing games, Sonic and movement...they can't stay still if you paid them. LOL! The rules a...

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Homeschool/DIY: Bean Bag Toss Math Game
One thing we do in school EVERYDAY is play games! No, not the average games you would find in Target or WalMart (although we have quite a few of those, too). Most of our games are made up, using things we have around the house. This math game can have so ma...

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Homeschool: Discovery Erupting/Glowing Volcano Review
We got some pretty cool STEM gifts for Christmas this year! I was planning on working them into the next block of school (that begins next week). But, the boys had very different plans. They just couldn't wait to try them out. The first one we tackled was t...

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DIY: $3 Snowman Wreath
Hey's been a! I don't know about you but the holiday season turns me into a crafting/decorating maniac. It is definitely my favorite time of year. I am going to do my best to blog all of my projects, activities and DIY ideas on a di...

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Homeschool: Multiplication Race Using Pool Noodles (GAME)
So....we're still going strong with our multiplication tables! J is rock solid with his 0-2 times tables and Eli has mastered 0-3. Next week we will be moving on up to 3 and 4 (3 for J and 4 for Eli). The last couple of days we've been doing ALOT of review....

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Homeschool: "Hippos Eat" Lapbook
Yesterday, I finished up Jordan's lapbook for the book "Hippos Eat" that he will be working on for the rest of this week. Here's how I created it: "Hippos Eat" Lapbook This particular lapbook is made from half a sheet of green posterboard. I usually use an ...
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