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Blogging is my platform for thinking and reflecting about my learning journey with my learners who make me a better teacher every day. My #Onewordfor2017 is Reflecting, for us as educators and for our students.  If we need to become self-directed learners a...

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Every Day Is Unique
There are so many challenging approaches to consider when we are thinking about education. For student-centered learning approaches the needs to be innovative, creative, critical thinkers, designers, deep learners, reaching  personalized learning, empathy, ...

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Experts At Learning!
I could never let go of the learning bond that the students and I experienced this past year. Now it is time to get excited to dive into another year of learning with a new group of learning partners. This post was started in July and it has given me the ch...

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Design A Storyboard Of Explorations!
The innovative process is a storyboard of risk taking through problem solving and collaborative creative tensions of students' thinking. Students explore learning by collaboratively problem solving learning to question, interact, consolidation and communica...

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What Really Matters!
The power of learning is connecting students to the real world and making every day learning realistic through problem solving.  The students need to become analytical and connect cross- disciplinary thinking to the real world based on political events, new...

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Students Crafting Their Learning
I finally found the time to reflect about the excitement and learning with the students on MinecraftEdu. The Ottawa Catholic School Board Learning Technology is piloting few licences of MinecraftEdu for next year and thanks for giving me the chance to to be...

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Designing with an impact!
This blog focuses on promoting students voices and actions not only in the classroom as well as in their community.  Patricia Fiorino and I have a 3D printer through Teacher Learning and Leadership Program. The Grade 6 and the kindergarten students  have wo...

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My students inspire me!
It has been a while since I have shared my learning experiences, The students inspire me and I owe them to share the process of  integrative thinking. I was just reading their reflections about the competencies which motivated me to pursue sharing our exper...

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Creative Complexities!
Giving students learning opportunities to grow and experiment with the learning process of complex ideas is the architecture of the why and how of problem solving. Our thinking is always provoked through current events from scientific inventions, social ent...

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Making is a Thinking Process!
 I continue learning with my students by applying designing thinking strategies and the thinking process of the 6 Cs . We keep on evolving with the process where the students become the specialists as they apply and reflect on their thinking progressions. A...
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