A bit on recent perf improvements for constants and globals in JRuby.
With every JRuby release, there's always at least a handful of optimizations. They range from tiny improvements in the compiler to perf-aware rewrites of core class methods, but they're almost always ...
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Charles. need yr expert advise . Read yr post about JRuby Performance. Great work. Trying to optimize Jruby in one of my Tomcat Apps sever. I have a timer thru which i can monitor resp time in my logs. Looking for an advice on critical JRuby code on which i can put my timer. Like which   JRuby packages/classes and ()s should i put my timer on. ?
I'm certainly willing to help, but you might get better response from the JRuby users mailing list.
Thank you for yr help sir. Can u pls point me where is the Jruby mailing list I could register ? I would be in debt to you if you could drop a note to me as well - Micheal.Kline@appsmarx.com

Tks for Jedi support btw. Tks
By the way my timer in running on the following JRuby packages/classes. Anything important i missed, i'd appreciate if you could shed some of your expertise plz ?


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