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I pounded my feet against the
stairs, hurling myself away from her, twelve-year-old angst burning under my
skin. “I hate you. I hate you I hate
you I hate you!”  The words burst out of my mouth, singeing my lips as they
escaped. I knew instantly that it was...

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40. DOOR
After a delightful evening in Paris, where we feasted on
friendship and good food with Paco, Anne and Bea, we returned to our flat for
three hours sleep and an early morning train ride to Normandy.  Our speedy
silver bullet took us I fast forward through th...

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Last week, on Palm Sunday, I told the kids in our Primary
Sharing Time that my husband wore a dress to work. They giggled, and looked
over at him. He teaches the nine-year-olds in our church services and they know
him as a pleasant and fairly serious kind o...

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38. MASS
We sat in silence, our
backs forced straight and square there in those wooden pews. Heavy, sorrowful
silence. The footsteps of the priest made the only sound as he walked up the
aisle, past our family on one side and a cluster of friends on the other. The

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37. COKE
The last time we were in London was in 2001. I
was performing with the cast of Saints on the Seas with the Royal Liverpool
Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir at various port cities like Liverpool, Hull
and Portsmouth. Dave and I brought Kate and Annie with us...

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36. TURN
ago, Dave served a mission for the LDS church in Northern Italy. Last weekend
we joined his Mission President and his wife, John and Vickie Grinceri, at a
mission reunion here in Salt Lake City. The Grinceri’s live in Australia, so it
is always a sp...

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35. CLUB
Sharla lives around
the corner and up Mountain Road, maybe two miles from my house, though I’ve
never measured it. She and Frank are loving stewards over a beautiful piece of
land tucked into the foothills of Fruit Heights. Frank quietly prunes his
orchard ...

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Our master bathroom window has the best view in the house.
Large plate glass windows frame a carpet of scrub oak trees in the lower
portion of our lot. Rising above them are the angled rooftops of some of our
neighbors. The scene stretches out to the Great ...

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Christmastime in our neck of the woods: There’s a flurry of
kindness that swirls like the snow on our front porch, caught in the easterly wind
and whipped like thick white frosting. The doorbell rings repeatedly as
neighbors come bearing gifts. Reminded of ...

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She collected vases, Hull vases, if I recall correctly.
Hundreds of them. I read about her in an antiques newsletter back when I bought
and sold antiques. The reporter reviewed her most valuable treasures, posting
photos with captions. He asked her which wa...
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