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the feeling of too tired, aching all over, starving but  nothing to eat. that left you can't sleep. tune it over. it is a perfect time to sabar and solat.

i see how differs orang putih n the asians using the gopro. 

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adik,, makan elok2..

kosongkn hati utk tahu apa dalam hati. on this first stage, the soul confuse for its need. high maintenance required.

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following Sam and Nia's vlog. They got their Frozen lipsync gone viral. but instead of the Frozen cover alone, they got a beautiful life to be captured.. i love how they train their kids. how to have a good manner.. being supportive to their kid.. doing a lot of crafts.. spending time together.. 
stephanie is a very bright girl. cute much.. abram is sooo adorable. :')

tomatoes tree do remind me of my childhood memories ...

life is too short, ey?
22 already. i can feel the pressure of achieving something big in life. something extraordinary. life is too short, so let's get it contented. 

we never know what future holds for us. but we know who holds the future.


kami serahkan SEMUANYA kepadaMu ya Allah. berikanlah kami petunjuk. jangan satu saat pun kau biarkan kami dengan pilihan kami sendiri tanpa disertai redhoMu ya Allah.

one day, if I were to have a kid (or more), I would to thank him/her for making me a better person now.

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Teringat waktu itu, aku katakan pada mereka, bumi ini milik Allah, Mereka seakan putus kata, tapi masih jua mempertahankan, Katanya, 'ya, bumi ini milik Allah, tapi bukankah undang sekian dan sekian menetapkan bahawa kita tidak boleh bercampur' Undang-undan...
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