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I write Edgy Christian Fiction
I write Edgy Christian Fiction

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This article really spoke to me. It's excellent and relevant in lots of ways, but it's LONG -- don't let its length put you off, however. It's basically a seminar about knowing what (and what not) to do. For me, O'Connor's lessons helped me reset my expectations regarding success and satisfaction. Did something speak to you? 

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Here's a topic that caught my eye. Do you think (like I do) that there are legit reasons to use a pen name? Yes? No?

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These statistics rattled me and got me to thinking, What can Christian authors do to prevent being ignored? We all want to reach as many readers as possible. What do YOU think? 

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What a great opportunity! Last weekend at the UW-Madison Writers' Institute I had the privilege of speaking briefly to 300 fellow writers and authors as a guest on the conference's Author Success Panel. I passed along lessons about writing my novel and the challenges I've faced in the online marketing world. That's me smiling.

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J.Z. Howard commented on a post on Blogger.
Every point you make is spot on. I especially like your thoughts about good intentions and the innocent ways we talk about others when they are absent. The disclaimer we sometimes add and the scripture reference from Proverbs are good reminders to curb our tongues. I also think your writing style is smooth and relaxed, combining the "what" and "how" effortlessly.   
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Have a very BLESSED CHRISTMAS, Everybody!

Your brother in Christ, J.Z. Howard

P.S.  What do you know about Kindle Select? Is it worth it? Should I do it? Upsides and downsides? There are (appear to be) a handful of options: Kindle Countdown, Kindle Lending Library, etc. With royalties and without royalties? . . . HELP!

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Cathy Deaton is a Christian author who had this to say on her blog recently, :
"Sometimes the only way God can get your attention is to interrupt your too-full to-do list and filled-up calendar. God wants a vital relationship with you. Once that relationship is in the right place, the things you do will be an overflow of your relationship with Him."

That got me to thinking about my own calendar. I often question whether my too-full to-do list is the result of my ambition or His calling. I waver between a “scarcity” mindset based on fear versus an “abundance” mindset based on faith when it comes to my drive to write -- and drive to succeed (book sales and 5-star reviews). Doubt lurks and rears its ugly head whenever I take my eyes off Jesus, and that’s more often than I like to admit.

So I’ve come up with a paraphrase, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of doubt, I will fear no failure because Thou art with me.” When I repeat this word-for-word, it helps me refocus. How can I ever “fail” when I refocus my attention on the marvelous gifts of His saving grace and holy presence?!

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Good reviews are a writer's "food" and they warm our hearts. Fortunately, they are piling up for my love-story novel, All of Me Wants All of You. This 5-star Amazon review captures the story perfectly, I'd love to hear any thoughts you have, or answer any questions. You can learn more at my website,
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