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Getting Excited for Smarty!
The kids told me today that they are NOT looking forward to Thanksgiving or Christmas.  "What?" I asked,  "How come?"  My 9 year old remarked that she was only looking forward to the return of Smarty the Elf.  That makes my heart happy.  So many days I feel...

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I've had this craft in my Pinterest ideas folder for quite some time now.  I needed a project to work on and a cheap, fun craft for my 9 year old to help me with.  I found several photos of this plate but no real tutorial so I thought I would show you how e...

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Finding Friends
I found this great church last year.  I mean, really great.  I mean, their motto is LOVE GOD, BLESS PEOPLE.  How awesome is that?  I've been to a few services in my adult life, but I really never "attended" church since college.   I forgot how much I missed...

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Let's be honest......
My kids started school today.  Hooray!  I love my kids, but seriously, I am super excited about school.  I love the routine, the responsibilities, the learning about stuff from someone other than me....   I spent the evening filling out paperwork and comple...

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5 things husbands can learn from dogs......
I love my dog.  We never had animals when we were growing up and in my adult life I always had cats.  I certainly thought I was a cat person, that is, until we got a dog.  Sometimes my husband will jokingly (I think) say that I like the dog much more than I...

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Away in a manger.....
Looks like Smarty is enjoying the 60 degree Christmas Eve weather today by hanging out in his very own My Spy Birdhouse !   Have a wonderful Christmas Eve 'cause Santa Claus comes tonight!!!!

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Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow.......
Nothing like a little acrobatics to get in the Christmas spirit!!!   I hope that Smarty doesn't fall!!!

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Wishing you a sweet Thanksgiving......
Some people like candied yams for Thanksgiving but Smarty the Elf likes candied EVERYTHING!!!  Wishing you and your family a sweet Thanksgiving.

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26 ideas for your Elf, a 2013 recap
The following is a recap of Smarty the Elf's 2013 antics.  I hope that it will provide you with some inspiration for your family's Elf this year.
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