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Steve Savitzky
Hacker/Songwriter, computer curmudgeon, java and git guru
Hacker/Songwriter, computer curmudgeon, java and git guru

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Y'all remember that story on how the $50 Nook tablet had bonus malware on it? Apparently now the story has come out that it ALSO has defective chargers, because the tablet's been hastily yanked from B&N stores.

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Yeah - this. (NSFW audio)
Full of swearing and that makes it fucking awesome.

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The protests in Portland OR, as is always the case, were disrupted by anarchist nihilist groups probably mostly from Eugene, who always travel to peaceful direct actions on the west coast to commit vandalism, provoke cops, and fuck things up. The police are used to it by now, it's annoying as hell, and makes normal civic life nearly impossible.

I pray to God they haven't taken up arms now. One of the protesters was shot. So many people are speculating it was a Trump supporter. It could as easily be a nihilist. These folks believe that if our current system utterly collapses, utopia will rise from the ashes. They must be salivating right now.

But I keep reading posts saying people shouldn't protest or grieve or be afraid or seek counseling or act. NO. Act calmly and peacefully but please act. ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR FEARS BUT DO NOT HATE.

I wrote in a comment to one man who was of the "but words can never hurt you" school of dismissing minority angst:

When I was a child in public school in the 60s, my father -- a white Unitarian Universalist minister in a town of 45,000 in Wisconsin -- spent his summers as part of the all clergy night security detail for the summer marches for Martin Luther King and the SCLC, starting with Salem-Montgomery in '63.

Our family was under surveillance by the FBI, and at school, I was labeled "Nigger Nerad," chased on the playgrounds, and regularly had the crap beat out of me under the watchful eye of teachers who both followed the "kids have to work these things out among themselves" philosophy prevalent at the time, and "what can she expect considering what her father is up to?"

You seem to be under the impression that words carry no weight into action. Let me assure you that you are lying to yourself. Not only words but silences -- that Trump does not speak out against the violence done by thugs inspired by his bigoted rhetoric in his name -- telegraph endorsement.

If you do not see that you are a purblind fool. Perhaps as someone not on the list of potential victims it is easy for you to dismiss the terror of what it is like to find yourself suddenly prey in your own neighborhood.

But for these young people, they have just become potential victims of Rwanda, walking down the streets of their own country. That genocide, if you remember, began with one man on talk radio.

But no, you tell me, words have no power. Let me show you piles of skulls.

Ha sho'ah. I do not believe you that it can't happen here. I have been beaten by our American brownshirts a half century ago. It's all too easy to wake that particular sleeping giant.

Torches and pitchforks, my dear. If you aren't part of the solution, you'll be assessed as part of the problem later.

Look at how we assess normal Germans of the 40s. I suggest you reset your goalposts on the situation.

If Trump does not show leadership by keeping his mob in check his silence -- as it has all along in accepting the endorsement of white nationalists and the KKK and such -- will further imply assent to every little anarchistic Krystallnacht. Eventually it will boil over into wholesale pogroms.

This is an historical pattern, which if you have not learned from history, we are doomed to repeat. But right now, you don't feel you are under threat from the man in the high castle, do you?

So you denigrate those who are now in fear.

You basically have to go overseas to get decently balanced news on the topic. American news outlets are tamping down reporting of hate crimes probably to suppress copycats. 

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How the Web Became Unreadable
I thought my eyesight was beginning to go. It turns out, I’m suffering from design.

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Now it’s official. The particular website that was hit by a record-breaking distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack that we covered a few days ago was that of white-hat security journalist [Brian Krebs]: Krebs on Security. During the DDOS attack, his…
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