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My secret energy boosters!
 , Isn't that a familiar feeling? A world of the song sometimes feels more like home, echoes the feelings and the emotions, whether you are in love with someone, something, yourself or are out of love, and its therapeutic. Its the apt 'taazagi ka dhamaka' w...

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The Fresh move(s) of H&W
"Listen, aaj nahi ho paayega. I'll be working late
today", the voice of the H declared hurriedly on the phone. W paused. She quickly checked her anguish and said, "And what
about tomorrow?' "What about tomorrow?", the voice on the other side echoed. "The mo...

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5 gems of my world!
 If travel be the food of life, drive on; Give me excess of it, … But no surfeiting. Never. Ever. Not especially since you can now take your
world with you wherever you want, live your life to the fullest with those you
love. Basically that means to #LiveLo...

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My first expert- my mum!
I have always wondered how my mom would have the solution for anything under
the sun -whether stated explicitly or ever-so-slightly-hinted-at for you to
decipher things on your own. I have wondered how her touch, thought, word and
action would spur me on. A...

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Westin fun : Beer, Burgers and More
Guest Author, Manik Sehgal talks about his dining experience at Westin through this blog post. The 10-day long food festival, at Westin – Gurgaon, themed
on the famous international cuisine – Beer and Burgers – was one of the most
exciting I have visited in...

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Life-changing start!
Disbelieving looks and a volley of questions by my friends followed my declaration about my future plans on that Chandigarh trip."You? Really?" "You are going out of country?" "How long? You alone?" "You think you can manage?" "Your dad allowed? How come?" ...

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My #together story -most memorable
It had been a little over one month and still I was seeking that settling down feeling or maybe I wasn't. Everything was still so new - new life, new four walls, new atmosphere, new routine, new expectations, new responsibilities, none of the old familiarit...

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Burger Face-off Event organized by Eat Treat!
Eat Treat Burger Face-Of A friend had an invite from the organizers
of Burger Face-off event and when she filled me more about it that 14 restaurants of Delhi were coming together to dish out their juicy burgers, my tongue went rolling. She said as a blogge...

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My 'incredibly super-powered' phone!
Mankind has this hunger to
know everything, alright! But aren't we all, at the same time, in search of
unfathomable, Incredible? Once you reach that unfathomable, a new search for
the 'incredible' begins. And the journey of life and exploration and evolutio...
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