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Very true!
Chris Voss originally shared:
If you treat every single rejection in life as an event you wont get anywhere. Stop thinking small, think BIG. - Chris Voss
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Chris Brogan originally shared:
Writing a book? Today's lesson is about discipline -
New here? Get more useful information by subscribing for free to the RSS feed. Let's dig in. Still Life With Time. In our Writing a Book series, yesterday, we talked about finding time. Today, let...
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Are you on the list?
Jarek Klimek originally shared:
112 Users Google+ Photographers Need To Follow
The list has been UPDATED on August 1.
32 new names have been added to the list.
Do you like the UPDATED list? Share it!

G+ Photography Celebrities (20000+ followers)
Lisa Bettany

Thomas Hawk

Trey Ratcliff

Inspiring Landscape Photographers

Colby Brown

Eric Leslie

Gary Crabbe

Giuseppe Basile

+Guy Tal ( new )

Jay Patel

Jim Goldstein

+Michael Riffle ( new )

Olivier Du Tré ( new )

Patrick Smith

Patrick Di Fruscia

Philippe Sainte-Laudy

+Richard Bernabe ( new )

Ron Niebrugge

QT Luong

Sathish Jothikumar

Saurabh Deoras

Seung Kye Lee ( new )

TSOPhotography by Terje Sørgjerd

Vincent Favre ( new )

Inspiring Seascape Photographers

Jessy Eykendorp ( new )

Jim Patterson

Joe Azure

Kieran O'Connor Photography

Inspiring Wildlife Photographers

Austin Thomas ( new )

Carl Stovell

Rob Daugherty

Kyle Marquardt

Martin Bailey ( new )

William Burrard-Lucas

Inspiring Street Photographers

Dave Beckerman

Dariusz Majgier

Felipe Apostol

Gary Austin

Greg Schmigel

Leanne Staples

Matt Weber ( new )

Messay Shoakena ( new )

Michiel de Lange Photography

Mihailo Radičević

Star Rush

Trond Lindholm

Thomas Leuthard

Inspiring Portrait Photographers

Alan Shapiro

Benjamin Cortis ( new )

Jan H. Andersen


Paul R. Giunta

Victor Bezrukov

Inspiring Urban Landscapes Photographers

Vivienne Gucwa

Scott Frederick

Inspiring Wedding Photographers

Mark Stagi ( new )

Neal Urban

+Ryan Brenizer ( new )

Scott Jarvie

Inspiring Wedding and Stormchasing Photographer

Mike Olbinski

Inspiring Food Photographers

Nicole S. Young

Penny De Los Santos

Inspiring B&W Photographers

ed leveckis ( new )

Léon Leijdekkers ( new )

Patricia Gil Mayoral ( new )

Suzana Ristic

Inspiring Architecture Photographers

Klaus Herrmann

Inspiring Fashion Photographers

Frank Doorhof

Inspiring Commercial Photographers

+Alex Koloskov ( new )

Andrea Acailawen ( new )

Israel David Groveman

Inspiring Documentary Photographer

Aaron Sosa ( new )

Jacob Maentz ( new )

Robert Larson

Inspiring Macro Photographer

Frank Yuwono ( new )

Inspiring Underwater Photographer

Elena Kalis ( new )

His photography focused videos are really special

Jared Polin

Inspiring Photographers

Alfie Goodrich

Ang of AKJ Photography

+Agustin Rafael Reyes ( new )

Beau Kahler

+Ben Locke ( new )

Brian Matiash

Cassius Wright

Chris Collacott

Chris Marquardt

Chris Miller

Damien Franco

Dave Cox

+David Sanger ( new )

Dan Carr

G Dan Mitchell

Håkan Dahlström

John De Bord

Lotus Carroll

Mike Shaw Photography

Paula Cobleigh ( new )

pierre beteille ( new )

Rebecca Jackrel ( new )

Rick Sammon

Romain Guy

Takahiro Yamamoto ( new )

Terry Nelson

Websites Founders and Editors

Catherine Hall ( new ) - TWiT Photo host

Corinne Perkins - the visuals editor for

Darren Rowse - founder of Digital Photography School

Dave Powell - founder of

Don MacAskill - the co-founder and CEO of SmugMug

Evgeny Tchebotarev - co-founder and creative director of 500px

Peter Bargh - founder of

Scott Kelby ( new ) - editor of Photoshop User magazine

Updates info

The initial list
The initial list "61 Users Google+ Photographers Need To Follow" has been published on July 20:

It has been shared like crazy.
The shares-counter has been maxed out (1000 shares) less than 20 hours after releasing the list.

Update #1
Published on July 22
19 new names have been added to the list.

Update #2
Published on August 1
32 new names have been added to the list.

Update #3
Will be published on August 15.

Let me share some interesting reactions to the initial list

Natalie Villalobos
Community Manager for the Google+ project
Loving this list! Adding all of them to my photog circle... Thanks Jarek Klimek!

Brian Rose
Google+ Photos Community Manager
Epic, thanks for pulling this together.

Trey Ratcliff
Okay - NOW following all of them... hehe - man I had so many tabs open... almost had to reboot!

Cassius Wright
According to social statistics i gained 2200!!!
I think its because of a photography list that got shared 9 bazillion times.

Klaus Herrmann
Crazy Influx of new G+ Friends?

Hi guys! Yesterday evening, I found that suddenly, people started adding me to their circles at an enormous rate. Within the last 12 hours, almost 400 new G+ users added me to their circles. First of all, thanks for that to all those people. Of course, I was wondering what could cause this. First, I thought that G+ had opened the gates to the public. But I found no proof for that.

Then, after some further investigations, I found that I had been included on a list of 61 photographers that Jarek Klimek recommended to follow. This list has apparently been shared like mad over the last few hours.


1) My goal is to create the list of inspiring and interesting photographers.

2) I can't use the +mention for all photographers because G+ has a limit to the number of people you can tag in a post. This is why there are the old-fashioned links in the list.

3) I'm sure I've missed some interesting names, and I'm eager to hear your recommendations. Please don't recommend users who just created their G+ profile, but they have no posts published here, yet.

4) The Google plus photography community is very dynamic, so I'm going to update the list regularly. Do you want to be notified about the updates? Add me +Jarek Klimek to your circles.
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Robelen Bajar

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Chris Brogan originally shared:
Interesting perspective. There are no rules, from +Kneale Mann -
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Love this. Thanks Leela
Leela Cosgrove originally shared:
My How to Use Google Plus Video ... Onnnn Google Plus!
Leela Cosgrove's profile photo
Thanks! :)
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Would be great if I can integrate this with FB so I only have one place to do all these stuff!
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hey thanks! will do
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Tony Hollingsworth originally shared:
Good reads on "the future of money" crowdsourced on Twitter by Emergent by Design's Venessa Miemis [blog]
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I've been thinking of getting into affiliate marketing to monetise my blog and this post was quite helpful.
Chris Brogan originally shared:
If you were ever curious about affiliate marketing, +Rae Hoffman-Dolan does a smashing guest post for my site about it:
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Everyone is talking about Google+ on Google+.
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Question guys: How would you profile a greenie?
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If you have an interest in technology, this is interesting reading.
Jon Stribling originally shared:
Enjoyed reading about how G+ was built.
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