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Fun using the web audio api:

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Change css shadows based on device orientation.

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Web folks need to be given more credit for what they do:

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Ifttt now works with Memo Switches and Memo Motions. I'm going to go buy a handful of these now.

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Tron done in 219 bytes of Javascript and Canvas.Damn:

<body id=b onkeyup=e=event onload=
><canvas id=c>
The entire code, with only a few extra newlines for readibility.

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Wow that's detailed. A car painted with a sharpie.

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A coffee mug/ashtray. I could use a couple of these.

Its awfully quiet around my job, people are taking off early for the long weekend. Now hopefully I can get some things done!

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Tweak your vectors, because Photoshop can only do so much...

"Using automatic antialiasing when resizing vector graphics leaves a lot of important decisions up to computer graphics software. While the results are generally decent, they're not perfect."
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