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.Let The Photo Talk :
..Egypt _Port Said 01 - 02 - 2012..
.El - Ahly Vs. El - Masry ( Soccer Match )
.78 PPL Killed and 1000 Injured
.If you See this photo plzzz pray for all who Was Killed Yesterday :(
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It's sad enough to see Egyptians killing each other for political reasons. Even sadder when it's over a football match. I'ma huge football fan myself, but at the end of the day it's just a game.
I do not have any comment after yours but i have to say I am An Egyptian and who killed is our friends our brothers we all one .. we here feel so bad about what happened And unfortunately yes that is the only reason the political one :( and last thing plzz do not forgot to pray to all who killed yesterday .
Good to see you post again Misra - not good that its taken such a horrible thing to do so :( Lets hope nothing again happens like this> peace
Thank you dear Richard :) and we all hope that Peace To Egypt and To all countries in the whole planet .
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