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Morning Hacks for Runners

Steve Jobs did it, Mark Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson do it, do you?

1 – Set Goals and Refocus
Vowing to run and be more healthy is an admirable trait, but successful goals are specific, and personally meaningful to you. We recommend you set a measurable, specific goal for each week or day and review them before your run.

2 – Drink Up
Drinking water is one of the best ways to get energized every morning, especially before a run. We recommend you have at least two tall glasses before you break a sweat in the AM.

3 - Start with Squats
Squats help warm your muscles and get your knees ready for a safe run. As a dynamic warm up, It’s easy, it’s quick and you’ll thank yourself for taking this time to avoid injury. Do at least three sets of ten squats before a run during your morning routine.

4 – Pull Out that Playlist
There’s just something about the repetitive beats of music that flow perfectly with the motions of running. The repetition of upbeat music combined with physical activity can send you into an even higher state of euphoria when you get in the zone. In fact, great music can even make a runner’s high more potent. So add curating an amazing playlist to your ritual to add more focus and good vibes to your run.

5 – Stretch and Move
After you wake up, you need to wake up your muscles too with a good stretch – like a lunge, or warrior two pose. Static stretches are all well and good, but with dynamic stretches, you can enhance performance and prevent injury. Dynamic stretches mimic the exercise you are about to do, so runners will want to incorporate walking lunges, butt kicks and hip circles into their morning routine before a run.

7 – Be a Superman (Or a Superwoman)
If you haven’t tried Superman yet, you will love it and definitely want to integrate this into your morning routine. Lie down on the floor, extending your arms and legs so you look like Superman, flying through the sky. Lift your head up and lift your right leg and arm up from the ground, alternating with the left leg and arm. Hold your arms and legs on each side up for ten seconds, relax and repeat.

8 – The Bridge Position
The bridge position is a static stretch, but it still feels amazing. Lie down on your back and plant your feet on the floor, bending your knees so that they are pointing up at the ceiling. Place your arms down alongside your body, using them for stability and control. Lift up your butt, keep it up for few seconds - then place it down. Make sure your abs and glutes get a really nice workout in the morning.

9 – Donkey Kicks
Get your legs and abs ready for a run with these kicks. On all fours, lift your right leg. Drive the heel up towards the ceiling as you kick up. Repeat on the left, until you feel a burn.

10 – Don’t Leave it up to Willpower
Willpower is overrated. We know some mornings we just don’t want to get up early, so make it as possible as easy to do so. Lay out your workout clothes, your shoes, and a bottle of water so you can sip first thing in the morning. (Remember ritual 2?) 
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