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Greetings on #Navratri / #ugadi / #gudipadwa. While parts of India celebrate this lunar #Newyear by feasting; Northern India observes 9 days of fasting. Outside of religion, my parents told me this is done to detoxify the body for enduring summer heat. True or not; that's one reason I fast.

#mylifeandspice has plenty of gluten free recipes to choose from. This #dosa is one of my favorites; for when you can think of nothing but satisfying those tastebuds 😉

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Sometimes it takes a tiny little twist to raise your everyday food to a whole new level. Sometimes, I make sabudana khichdi for fasting days. Today, after washing the sabudana, I soaked it in buttermilk (dahi and water). The khichdi I got; was entirely different from the regular one - tangy and delicious!

My recipe for basic sabudana khichdi is here:

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Mahashivratri greetings to all. Here's an easy #recipe  for 2-ingredient milk fudge calle #kalakand  made in a #microwave  to satisfy the #sweet  tooth! All you need is #ricotta  cheese and 15 minutes. Enjoy!

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A taste of home: 2-ingredient Kalakand
One of the things I didn’t see made at home was sweets.
Growing up in India, it was easy to step out to a halwai ki dukan (sweetmeat
shop) and choose whatever caught your fancy. My mom usually made a couple of
basics like halwa and kheer in her kitchen to m...

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When my Soup became Dinner!!
Scenario one: “ Is that lentil soup ?” “ No- it’s sambha r ” “ What’s it made of ?” “ Lentils, tomato, onions, water, spices….. ” “ So…it IS lentil soup ”! Scenario two : “ What do you do to get everyday protein if you don’t eat
eggs or meat ”. “ All our me...

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Hearty #vegan #soup for cold winters. #slowcooker convenience.

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An unexpected snow day calls for some indulgent fasting! Lunch today was soft, pillowy sabudana vada and a cup of masala chai. How about you?

The recipe for sabudana vada is here:

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Finding happiness within- by doing the things we love. Thought of the day.

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My Happiness Project
“ What do you like to do ?” someone asked me recently. It took me a while to comprehend, and a lot longer to put in
perspective. It seems like it’s
been a lifetime that I have done anything that “ I ” liked.  I cook food that the kids would eat without a

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Meetha kha, Meetha Bol. Til ki Patti
“How many harvest festivals do Indians celebrate?” was the
smart-aleck Anya question this past weekend. Reason- I had made Til ki Patti ( Sesame seed Brittle ) at
home; and was forcing her to try a bite under the pretext that it was a special
dessert made f...
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