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Get your free RV, Motorhome, Travel Trailer and Fifth Wheel Insurance Quote online @ Overland Insurance Company.


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Our Full Timer’s coverage endorsement adds a comprehensive personal liability coverage, which is similar to the liability of a homeowners policy. This coverage endorsement also removes the policy exclusion that states the vehicle cannot be occupied as your primary residence. You are a “Full Timer” if you do not currently own or rent another residence.

Travel Trailers and Campers Insurance

Camper Insurance and Travel Trailer Insurance provide coverage for portable non-motorized units designed for providing you with living space for camping and recreation use. Campers and Travel Trailers don’t need highway permits when being towed. Click on each link for a description of each type of travel trailer or camper.

Fifth Wheel Trailer
Conventional Trailer
Pop-Up Tent Trailer
Trailer with Recreational Cargo Quarters
Mounted Truck Camper
Fifth-wheel trailer details and specifications:

Fifth wheel is similar to conventional models but has a raised section above the fifth wheel coupling device, ensuring a bi-level dimension.
Length ranges from 21 to 38 ft.

Allows for 38 ft in length of trailer designs when using a truck to tow.
Fifth wheel trailers are usually designed to be mounted to truck pickup beds.

Built using a welded steel chassis.

Contains a living area, appliances, cooking, sleeping and bathing facilities.

Conventional trailer details and specifications:

Conventional trailers are normally designed for camping and vacation use.

Lengths range from 12 to 40 ft.

Usually towed by a truck or automobile with a bumper hitch.

Towed by an automobile or truck with a bumper hitch.

Contains cooking, sleeping and bathing facilities.

Up-gradable to have awning and air conditioning units.

Pop-up tent trailer details and specifications:

Pop up tent trailers are manufactured with side wall that are collapsible, fold or slide down to make towing easier when using a small vehicle.

Length is usually less than 12 ft but when opened can range from 15-23 ft.

Less set up time due to its compact size.

Very few luxuries on basic models.

Upgraded units may have a stove, refrigerator, sleeping quarters and a furnace.

Trailer with recreational cargo quarters details and specifications:

Trailers with cargo quarters are specific types of fifth wheel and travel trailers.

Needs to have a compartment in the back to transport ATV’s, Horses, etc…

Mounted truck camper details and specifications:

Vacationing camping unit that is usually loaded onto the back of a truck’s pickup bed.

Length ranges from 18-21 ft.

Has sleeping room for 6-8 people.

Is more versatile due to its compact size and also more manageable for local traveling between home and campsite.

Great for 1st time RVing.

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Overland RV Insurance Provides Recreational Vehicle Insurance for 49 States #recreationvehicleinsurance  

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