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Christmas Town
The Nightmare Before Christmas' Christmas Town.. This is where Jack Skellington and Santa Play!
The Nightmare Before Christmas' Christmas Town.. This is where Jack Skellington and Santa Play!


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Santas Sweet Shop by +lane langmade for #ChristmasTown  +Christmas Town 
Santa's Sweet Shop 

For +Christmas Town (#ChristmasTown) curated by myself and +Brad Buckmaster +Michael Albrecht and +Lynn Langmade 
So here is one i did for last year's round of Chrysta Rae's scavenger hunt for the category of Santa. ( It did not place but i still think it is super cute and was fun to style and i thought what a great time to reshare this during the festive holiday season! 

So this one goes out to all the kids out there or the young at heart.. and what I image it looks like at  downtown North Pole! ;) 

PS to create the frost "frosted frame' or look of frost clinging to  the 'window pane'  i used a rain and snow program  that allows you to generate 'crystals.' that was also super fun too! 

Happy Holidays! 

#santa   #holiday   #holidays   #christmas   #northpole   #candycane   #christmascandy   #christmas2013  

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Platinum for #ChristmasTown by +lane langmade 
#p52bw13  | +Project 52 B&W | Project 52 Black and White
Week 50: Bokeh
with +Tisha Craw, +Susan Porter and +Lauri Novak 

900 parts sdof, 25 parts high key, 25 itsy bits glitterness  and 50 (its week 50) parts bokeh :D 

and for those silver white winters in +Christmas Town curated by myself and +Lynn Langmade and +Brad Buckmaster and +Michael Albrecht  and for the +Style It! Shoot It! Share It! December challenge process shot for myself and +Kim Troutman 

Oh and i can't for get +Monochrome World and +10000 Photographers BW to bring them some smooth and bright silver for their day! 

#blackandwhitephotography   #blackandwhite   #holiday   #christmas   #christmasornament   #ornaments   #silver  

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Great idea for an old tripod...

This goes to show you that you don't have to kill a tree to have a tree for Christmas....

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First Christmas's are always a joy and here is a great shot from proud dad +Jason Kowing ~Gene
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Doesn't this shot from +Kenny Shepard make you want to do some baking today? ~Gene

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Larry has a new home and +Fabrizio Musacchio is sharing with us here at +Christmas Town ~Gene
Hey folks!
#Larry  is preparing for the cold winter time, so he has got a new house. It's Larry in the Winter Wonderland. He moves now in his winter quarters. And so do I: I am back after the holidays.

In this way: Merry Christmas! Have a merry and peaceful time with your families. I wish you all the best! And many presents, of course ;-)

Addendum: Indeed, it's a pepper road to his new home ;)

+Breakfast Club  #breakfastclub  by +Gemma Costa 
+Christmas Town  #christmastown  by +lane langmade , +Lynn Langmade , +Brad Buckmaster , +Shantha Marie Fountain , +Gene Bowker & +Michael Albrecht 

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*Red Light! Green Light! by +lane langmade for #ChristmasTown  

Here is some #Christmas  style during all the #xmas  shopping! 

#Christmas2012   #christmasinthecity   #christmasstyle  
Red Light! Green Light Some #Christmas  Shopping Style...

Here is a little urban city shopping sum'in sum'in for #SAturdayStyle  (late sorry) curated by myself and +Lynn Langmade. This one goes out to all those out at #Christmas  parties and having a great time and decked out in their Christmas clothes and holiday dress.. i mean u gots ta have some #Christmasstyle  <grin>. And speaking of the #holidays  this also goes out  to our   #ChristmasTown  community  hosted by myself and +Gene Bowker +Lynn Langmade +Michael Albrecht +Tom McGowan +Brad Buckmaster and +Shantha Marie Fountain.

I would love to write more about this shot but i'm working my bottom off wrapping insane amounts of #xmas  presents for #Christmas  right now and whisking the kids off to #ChristmasFantasy   !! 

How about everyone here.. do you have some #christmas  duds.. or sweaters you want to share... or your favorite #santahat  portrait... we have a new category for it called Christmas Style!! 

Merry Early Xmas elves and all! 

#Christmasshopping   #holidaydress   #christmasinthecity  
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