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Dizin Ski Resort in Iran
Dizin Ski Resort is the greatest ski resort in the Middle East. Book a Dizin Ski Tour Online.
Dizin Ski Resort is the greatest ski resort in the Middle East. Book a Dizin Ski Tour Online.


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Dizin Ski Tours - Dizin Hotel

Dizin Ski Tours, was started by IranHostels Group in Nov 2015 and its aim is to organize affordable but memorable ski tours, including ski tours to Dizin in Iran. Dizin Ski Tours offers ski tours to all the ski resorts in and around Tehran such as the great international Dizin Ski Resort, the chic and very convenient Tochal Ski Resort, the aspiring Dabandsar Ski Resort, and also the professional Shemshak Ski Resort. The group’s ski tours became popular very fast because of three reasons; first, Dizin Ski Tours offers ski tours at fair rates; second, Dizin Ski Tours provides the most convenient accommodation facilities that can be found around the ski resorts; and third, Dizin Ski Tours offers safe and accurately-timed transportation to all who would like to use our transportation services.

Here at Dizin Ski Tours, we offer the best ski tours’ rates to those who want to ski in Tehran or outside of Tehran in an economic way. Skiing in Iran is generally much cheaper than skiing at European ski resorts but despite this, we have tried our best to make it as affordable as we could to help all the interested tourists to experience skiing in Iran.

When it comes to accommodation, no travelling agency can even claim they could provide better accommodation facilities than Dizin Ski Tours. As I mentioned earlier, Dizin Ski Tours has been started by IranHostels gDizin Ski Tours , Dizin Hotelroup that is one of the giants of Iran’s tourism and finding accommodation facilities in Iran is its specialty. SevenHostels group itself, a minor accommodation group, also started by IranHostels, owns one of the most popular hostels in Tehran called Seven Hostel in Tehran that is only a 15-min ride away from Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran.

Dizin Ski Tours and Dizin Hotel

For the skiers who would like to stay in Dizin for a few days, Dizin Ski Tours has signed a contract with Dizin Hotel in Dizin and so the skiers on tours are accommodated at this hotel. This hotel in Dizin is the most convenient hotel in Dizin Region because of its unrivalled location right next to Dizin Ski Resort. Furthermore Dizin Hotel offers the tourists arriving at IKIA airport its very convenient and accurately timed airport pickup service that will cost them only $60 per each car they send them.

Dizin Ski Tours; Transportation To Dizin Hotel

Dizin Ski Tours and Dizin Hotel work with the best transportation companies in Tehran. Companies with professional drivers who specialize in driving in mountainous roads around Tehran. This is especially important when you get to know many of the mountainous roads to the ski resorts in the north of Tehran are not 100% safe in winter. It happens frequently that these roads are blocked by avalanches or merciless blizzards. But when your driver is an experienced one and has good knowledge of all the mountainous roads in the north, you don’t need to worry about anything. This is true especially when the transportation company provides you with good and well-equipped cars and let me assure you our companies do so. Furthermore, Dizin Ski Tours’ transportation service provides you with taxis and minivans not only at the International airport, but also at any hotel or hostel in Tehran.
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