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Claus “Bongo” Winther
Works at Been here since 11 july - 2011
Attended Virum Skole
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Claus “Bongo” Winther

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A premix sneak release from our coming album.

Soul/R&B/Reggae - in a sexy way...

 - Rythm & Reggae.
It's raw, it's unwrapped and unpolished but We could not wait to share this Premix with you. ReCulture is especially proud of the very organic mix between Pearl's soulfull vocals and ReCulture's steady reggaebeats. This is the new stylee we hoped to achieve when we started up this project over a year ago. - You tell us if we made it... ;) Sit back and enjoy this sexy, cool and soulfull track. - More to come in the new year.
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+Techdirt  does it again...
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And i thought this RIAA couldn't get more stupid. - Now they're admitting they can't figure out how to use Google.
 - If it wasn't so pathetic, i would laugh.......
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screw the fascist RIAA
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The truth...
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Tomorrow in Denmark...
SO we are ready to play a Live gig tomorrow in the middle of the album-recordings.

The teamwork with Pearl is really paying off. I think we are in the process of creating a new style: R&B / Soul / Reggae.
- "Rythm & Reggae" perhaps ?

For the scandinavians, this is the location.:,10.212883?pov=345.45,0,0
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Just found this, - Cool stuff... 
Get your life together.
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Spot on..
The state of the music industry by The Oatmeal #comics  
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Ja, der er ikke mange brancher, der i den grad har omvæltninger i distributionen. - Jeg tror på en 'happy end'.
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One whole year here at G+. - Damn it's good to be here...
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The Danish queen speaking at the annual Rebild celebration today.

 - Maybe her way of congratulating the dane Michael Mørkøv in her usual sublte way ?
 He rides in Tour De France in the polkadot king of the mountain jersey.

Must admit i admire her style...
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The Netherlands Rejects ACTA, and Does One Better [Slashdot] The Dutch House of Representatives unanimously accepted a motion to urge the Cabinet to reject ACTA (if they ever get the change to do so; it may already end in the European Parlement). Additionally, an even stronger motion was accepted to reject any future treaty that may harm a free and open Internet. This is a good day for the Internet.
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Just amazing...
The Vatican has embraced technology and put together this amazing virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel. You can peer round and zoom in to every corner without having to battle tourists or leave the comfort of your home! There's even choir music to set the tone!
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Jeg er trommeslager og IT-supporter.
  • Been here since 11 july - 2011
    Plusser, 2011 - present
  • Aarhus Universitet
    IT-Supporter, 2011 - present
  • Drummer for life.................. Bandleader of the Danish Reggaeband ReCulture.
    1977 - present
  • Atea
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København N - Virum
Drummer for life...
Drummer for life. In order to make people dance for hours & hours and thereby connect directly to their soul, giving love...

I am spiritual but not religious...
Bragging rights
The new Danish Root Core Reggaeband "ReCulture" is a coaliton betweeen Bass Player ....Don Brock.... and Drummer ..Claus "Bongo" Winther.., who has finally joined forces in order to create a new radical Reggae sound from the heights of Scandinavia .... Together with DubMaster, Rene Jensen and EffectMaster Lars Lynge.... this band is reculturing a strong bid on how original Reggae music can be played, with no compromise or frills but still openminded and spaceious enough to harness all sort of expressions, mixing with various sing jays, D.J.'s and who ever present that night for some fresh jam stylees .... Backingband for artists such as Mzungu Kichaa AKA Effigong, Pops Jabu, Collins Woode, Pearl - and many more...
  • Virum Skole
    Folkeskole, 1967 - 1973
  • Kvikmarkens Private Realskole
    Folkeskole, 1973 - 1975
  • Billums Skole
    Realeksamen, 1975 - 1977
  • Gentofte Studenterkursus
    HF - Ikke fuldført, 1978 - 1979
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