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Freedom, Democracy, Truth
Freedom, Democracy, Truth

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DYSFUNCTIONAL DISTRUST -Trump’s Family Flaw read it all right now: @realDonaldTrump welcome home Mr. President, sad!

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BODY-SLAMMING IN MONTANA Trump Bad Mouths Media - more investigations into Leaks, WH orders large box of duct tape 

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Trump & Pope Behind Closed Doors CRISIS MANAGEMENT TEAM Good guys where white. +realDonaldTrump

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THE DEFENSIVE FOOL IS BACK “I never said the word Israel.” The Orange Man has No Discipline. Sad! +realDonaldTrump

TRUMP SIDES WITH SUNNIS - Presidential Gunrunner Changes Tune read the latest WHEN WILL THE CIRCUS END, wait, it did

I guess America First in Saudi Arabia means Melania LAST on the red carpet. Good to see we held firm with the Saudis, where women are still regarded as non-driving second class citizens.

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POOR DONALD TRUMP - “Believe me, there was no collusion!” @realdonaldtrump "I am not a crook" #DTS

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Robert Swan Mueller III, may have a beautiful middle name, but he will be Donald Trump’s biggest problem. 

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WHOLLY APPROPRIATE – HOLY CRAP! Trump Recorded in the Oval Office by the Russians? @realDonaldTrump LIAR LIAR Sad!

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Trump’s “Absolute Rights”
Mother F**king Laptops on these Mother F**king Planes
There are two things happening at the same time and if you open your eyes wide enough you will see that America has a problem. READ THE WHOLE PIECE
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