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A 42 year old male patient, let’s call him “Bob”, presented to the office last month.  Bob’s main complaint was he was afraid to kiss his wife because of his bad breath.  “Our sex life is suffering because of it and my kids have been avoiding me.”
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December 6th, 2015 by John F. Carpenter, D.M.D., M.A.G.D., DICOI
Cold sores need to be treated at the prodromal stage.  This stage is just before blisters are noted and when tingling, itching, and burning around the lips is felt.
OTC Treatment
Cold compress and lubrication are older remedies and can be effective.  Abreva is the only FDA-approved over the counter remedy.
In Office Treatment
Low-level laser treatment
Denavir (penciclovir) is an anti-viral prescription medicine.  This is my favorite treatment for patients who have recurrent episodes of cold sores.  It is best to keep this prescription handy and apply when symptoms are first noted and before the outbreak is more severe.

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How do we treat canker sores (apthous ulcers)?
Treatment is pallative, for comfort only.  These lesions will disappear completely in 7-10 days with or without treatment.  The problem is these ulcerated lesions can be quite painful!
Many treatments are available, but my preferred treatment is low-level laser treatment.  This usually provides immediate pain relief. 

18 Tuesday, January 13, 2015 | Times Herald-Record
Local dentist
receives honor
Carpenter of New Windsor was
recently honored
with a Congressional
and the Humanitarian
of Services
Award. He was
sponsored by U.S.
Rep. Sean Patrick
Maloney and Sen.
Kirsten Gillibrand.
These awards recognize Carpenter’s
“steadfast commitment
to improving the lives of others
for the past 3 decades” and “his
dedication to the betterment of
our community”.
Carpenter has volunteered
for the Donated Dental Services
(DDS) Program of New York
since its inception. This program
allows the elderly, disabled and
fi nancially challenged to receive
dental care. As a volunteer at
Westchester Medical Center’s
Department of Dental Medicine,
Carpenter teaches and mentors
dental residents with the planning
and execution of all phases
of dentistry. The residents are in
their fi nal year of training after
completing four years of dental
Carpenter is a member of multiple
dental organizations as well
as a lecturer and author of many
articles on dental implantology.
He is a Master of the Academy of
Dentistry and a Diplomate in the
International Congress of Oral
Implantology. He can be reached
at 561-2330 or visit HudsonValley-

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Root Canal vs Implant Treatment?  Of course no one looks forward to a Root Canal, but should a tooth be extracted and an implant placed?  Each situation is different and time must be taken to fully evaluate each individual's case.  This past week, there were no options for one of my patients and her front tooth required extraction and immediate implant placement.  Other times, when the tooth is less damaged, it is best to perform root canal treatment.

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Do you have gum disease?  Did you know gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and has also been associated with heart disease, low birth weight, diabetes and other health problems?  According to the Center for Disease Control, 50% of US adults have some form of gum disease (periodontal disease).  Major risk factors for periodontal disease include a generic predisposition, smoking, lack of routine home care, diet, certain systemic diseases, and various medications.

Finally Spring is here.  What a tough winter we had!
Our newest office improvement, a beverage station, has been receiving rave reviews.  Please enjoy a coffee, tea or sparkling water while visiting us. 
As many of you might know, Dr. Carpenter was appointed as an Attending at Westchester Medical Center.  He supervises the dental residents on Fridays and has just presented a series of 3 lectures on Dental Implant Complications.
Please remember us if you have any family members or friends who would benefit from joining our dental family.
Thank you.

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Halitosis or Bad Breath affects more than 80 million people in the US.  Caused by decaying debris, bacteria and poor oral hygiene.  Many contributing factors also exist.  Saliva also plays a major role.  Please visit our site to learn more about causes and how to control bad breath.

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Dr. John Carpenter has been appointed to the medical staff of Westchester Medical Center's Department of Dental Medicine.  He helps with the education of dental residents and assists them in planning and executing all phases of dentistry. 

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