Weapon (and Armor) Rating By Narrative Weight

I've been meaning to post something about this, as a suggestion to people who love weapon and armor ratings; it steals a page directly from The Shadow of Yesterday, which I think could work nicely in FATE. 

Specifically, the idea is that one determines a weapons Damage not by any measure of its lethality, but by its significance to the story, and specifically by how few characters it is intended to affect. So, for instance, let's assume that a plain old sword has a Damage rating of +0--the shifts you get on the attack are the shifts you get. A sword crafted or blessed to slay the undead might have a Damage +1 rating against them. If it's blessed specifically to slay vampires, that goes to +2, and it might be +3 if it's consecrated only to harm Dracula, the Lord of Vampires, himself. Weapons can have multiple Damage ratings applied to them--so maybe that sword does both +1 against all undead and +3 against Dracula--but it increases the item's cost as an Extra, and you only ever get to use the best of the significant bonuses. They don't stack.

Armor works the same way, providing generalized Defense ratings of 0, and then starting to scroll upwards based off of how specific the situation is. Here's that kevlar vest which provides Defense +1 against bullets, but doesn't really do much against being punched.

The situations where this system really sails are the application to social conflict. It all of a sudden becomes very clear that that blackmail evidence you have with incriminating photos of the mayor has a Damage +3 rating against him, or that your status as a top-secret agent gives you Armor +2 against legal entanglements in your home country.

Of course, there's some necessity to set the dials to your table's play preferences. How high do you want Damage and Armor ratings to go? Are those ratings justified automatically by the fiction--once I've got incriminating photos of the mayor, am I automatically entitled to a Damage +3 weapon against him, or do I have to buy that as an Extra for it to count? There's no one right answer to this, and different games will call for different solutions.

I figure some people are already using mechanics that are quite similar to this, but I'd pass it along for good measure, in case others were looking for some inspiration for their own games.
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