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C. Corey Fisk
'tis me, myself and I.
'tis me, myself and I.

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The Artful Dodger curls up with the Tasmanian Devil.

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Happy Hanukkah!

From left to right, they wish you:

"Ia! Fthag'n!"

So we have octopi on our brain. So what else is new?

"I am Groot!"


Yes, we have matryoshka Daleks. You expected anything else?

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Me and my Hanukkah hair.

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Artie (the Artful Dodger) being both sweet and spooky.

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Corey's hand provided for scale. He really is a Very Small Dog after all.

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Sharing this link for +Colin Gerbode, but in case anyone was still wondering... Scalzi puts it well and clearly.

I am aware that people I love are committed libertarians. I hope they are aware that their vocal support of a creed that is quite literally a death sentence for me has resulted in my recent absence from their/your streams. I'm not sure whether that'll change post-election. It's a pretty big thing. I do have a couple of Trump-supporting friends; they haven't heard from me in months.

Good gods I hope that gives a few people pause. I'll miss you, but...

My life is on the line.

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And yes, that is a sunburn -- acquired at 7pm during our new nightly roll-outside and read for an hour routine. I am vampire, I am.
September 17, 2016
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+Abigail Markov, they are beautiful! Thank you. I doubt that the 28" chain will ever leave my neck. (I also doubt that you'll ever make another one, at least not at wholesale prices.) My gods, this is a beautiful thing.

Now, if I could only decide which stones were worthy of your amazing silversmithing...
September 15, 2016
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Our first outing of the summer involved meeting a few new friends.

The silver thumb rings are by +Abigail Markov; the twisted fine silver index ring was designed by myself and Some Guy Named +Colin Gerbode. If we ever manage to get to the point of creating them with subtle joins, without running through feet upon feet of silver wire, we may offer them for sale. Not there yet. Abigail's, however, are for sale via +Markov Jewelry at ridiculously reasonable prices. Go buy them before she comes to her senses!

There are times,
oft and many,
when I regret the losing of you
the losing of our love

then I realize how much
I would have put you through
testing to destruction
so many different lives
so many different loves

so instead,
I moved on from each
and oh so many every
one of you

greedy for your time
but not so greedy
so as to keep you
past the point of no return

So what’s different about this one?
It’s not that he loves me any more
you all loved me
to the best of your time
the best of your love

It’s that he takes as much as he gives
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