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Christie Fields
I'm not witty enough to put something witty here.
I'm not witty enough to put something witty here.

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Last night's Halloween party was a blast!

Oh my, Google+, how easily I forget you.

7am and it's almost 100 degrees outside. It's going to be hot today!!!

Oh Google+, when will you take over and contribute to Facebook's falling.

Alright, Phoenix. Are we going to break 100 degrees today?

How many times have you walked up to your car after shopping and it was unlocked? Exactly. So you shouldn't be shocked to discover you need to unlock it - have your keys ready, people.

Me: "I want to travel the World."
Husband: "You should visit reality; I here it's nice."

I've had no complaints lately with my best friends in town. I'll be very sad when they leave.

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