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Learn more about the #CSS margin-bottom property, on +Web Code Geeks
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When working with remote systems using SSH, you may have observed that the connection time is too long in some cases. In other words, it takes a long time to simply login. Try this simple trick to speed up your SSH login and save time.
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Just in case you were looking for ways to style your #hr element...

+Web Code Geeks #HTML #CSS
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Earlier this year, I had released my very first open source project - UtilBox !!! It is a collection of utilities designed to be easily re-used in any +Python based project. The current set of functionalities available include:

- Database interaction
- JSON handling
- OS interaction
- String manipulation
- HTML, XML, MarkDown handling
- Encryption / Decryption utilities

It even has tools #OCR tools which enable you to extract text from images using the +Google Vision API !!!

Documentation is available as comments within the code for now, and additional details for usage / installation can be found on the project +GitHub page.

It is still under constant development and improvement - do check it out and share your feedback - !!!
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Ever wondered how to go about styling the #submit field in an #HTML form? Find out how #CSS can help, with my first ever post on +Web Code Geeks !!!
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