Very fast. This update includes Eclipse IDE that optimizes code for faster performance and HTML compatibility; full local time and language support, easy integration to existing sites.´╗┐
HELIOS WebShare UB2 major updates
I'm incredibly excited that our WebShare updates are available.

Press release:

HELIOS Updates:
u0975 zipstream allows time zone adjustments
u0974 Install scripts to support the new WebShare Web foundation runtime
u0973 start-websharewoa.exe to support the new Web foundation runtime
u0972 WebShare Web Server enhancements, Java 1.5.x or higher required
u0971 New "WebShare.war" Web foundation runtime
u0970 UrlShareAccessHelper enhancements
u0969 wsupload/wsdownload received further parameters
u0968 WebShare Manager enhancements
u0967 unzipstream allows time zone adjustments
u0966 WebShare File Server enhancements´╗┐
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