Rare Photo of a Total Solar Eclipse. #photography #rare #total #solar #eclipse #centennial #architectural #historical #movie #China #Asia

This news about solar eclipse in Western US ( http://www.usatoday.com/tech/science/space/story/2012-05-19/solar-eclipse/55046898/1) reminded me of a picture I took during a once a century total solar eclipse in a unplanned trip to Xidi, China in 2009. It was one of the longest total darkness under otherwise "broad daylight". The next similar event will not occur until 2132 (ttp://www.mreclipse.com/SEreports/TSE2009reports/TSE09reportFE.html), 120 years from now and long after our passing. It was supposedly seen in a very narrow region in Asia, but unfortunately most of the populated areas were under overcast or hazy skies. I was visiting an ancient architectural village, Xidi, on a super clear day, in a court yard where "Crouching Tiger" was supposedly filmed according to the tour guide. Making it even more special, everyone except my family ran outside as the sky grew dark. Thanks to the long duration, I managed to mount a flash to have the roof eaves as a reference because the court yard was in total darkness.

Hope you enjoy this little myth with your friends and families till the next big one.
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