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Maxwell Stanford
4th Grade Teacher. Newton College, Lima, Peru. Lower School #ESD Coordinator. #PYPEducator #Fulbrighter
4th Grade Teacher. Newton College, Lima, Peru. Lower School #ESD Coordinator. #PYPEducator #Fulbrighter


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Although we are on summer holiday, I am planning on utilizing Google Forms to better communicate with my parents. At the beginning of every year, I pass out a parent survey with the goal of learning more about each one of my learners. I have created the exact same survey but in digital form. The link is below.

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Stumbled across this resource. An excellent example of #Google search data visualized. There is an excellent portion towards the bottom of the page where students can examine search results before/after important holidays around the world and/or medical breakthroughs.

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In our last Unit of Inquiry, I shared a little slice of The United States with my class using Google Arts & Culture. They loved it! (And so did I.) #LatAmImpact

Working a lot lately with Screencastify Chrome extension. When my students were creating technology blogs via Blogger, I used the Screencastify extension to record informational videos on how to insert photos and videos into their posts. My students found the videos helpful (and hilarious) and were able to apply the information in their posts.

I like the built-in Drive linkages as well. Easy to record and upload.

An excellent way to share instructional content with students.

#LatAmImpact #ImpactoEDU

Good evening, everybody. It is a pleasure to meet you all digitally. My name is Max Stanford and I teach 4th Grade at Newton College in Lima, Peru by way of Malaysia and the United States of America.

I am eager to bring Google technology into the primary years classroom. I'm also looking forward to our future collaboration conversations!

In the meantime, feel free to give my new Twitter handle a follow: @MrMaxTalksEd
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