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Cześć, Mekmar tutaj.
Ostatnio mniej aktywnie, ale staram się Brzeźno, kampus UG czy okolice Riwiery w Gdyni kolorować. 

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Absolutnie piękny mem. Nie udostepniłem go wcale... 
I haven't been promoting this meme, but this is too funny not to share. 

+Jason Howell​ happy birthday! 

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+Tomasz Palak​ tak w kontekście porannej dyskusji 😉

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Help, yeah. The fact that Indians put orbiter in Mars orbit for the price is just awesome. And if that will become a general trend (space exploration spending lower than movies about space exploration budget)... That would be worrisome. 

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When I use icons by Cyanogenmod Theme engine, some of those unthemed are smaller than those themed to a various degree. And some are just fine, no rule here. 
Everything is fine on Trebuchet, haven't checked with any other launcher yet. 
Galaxy S2, Cyanogemmod 11 (latest monthly build), Android version 4.4.4.

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Big, big pun on Samsung design in their mobiles

Okay, if app is so good and specialised as Quickpic is, adding features causes fear of bloat in me. But what you guys did just works. It's not in your face, works when needed, isn't there when not called for... And the app is well worth its name - freaking awesomely fast. Good job! 

Hey, anyone knows what is the new permission for? Disabling the blockade? 
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