For all their talk of "Listening to G+ users", Google is adamantly refusing to take on board anything they don't want to hear.
Another keen G+ user gets banned over the names controversy.

Quote from +Seattle Rex 's blog
"Today, I was notified that I will be unceremoniously banned from Google+. My page will exist until September 9th, and I will be able to make further posts, but in three days, all of my data will be deleted and I will be locked out."

I've heard the arguments for and against. But, the simple fact of the matter is (or should be) give the customer what they want.

During the recent Arab Spring uprisings, social media played a pivotal role in organising the protests and eventual ousting of dictators in Tunisia & Egypt.
If you're in a country where arrest and torture are a consequence of legitimate protest, then revealing your online identity is more than just an academic argument.

+Robert Scoble wrote back in 28 Aug...
"I'll wait to comment after Google makes changes. The policy, as it stands, isn't defensible, so we need to wait for Google to make some changes in the policy."

Is anyone listening?

Google CEO Eric Schmit said in an interview...
"Regarding people who are concerned about their safety, he said G+ is completely optional. No one is forcing you to use it."

So, that's a no then, right?
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