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Preparing for Operation Crossroads at Enewetak Atoll was a major project. This was the beginnings of Atomic testing in the 1940s and what we were to cleanup years later during our cleanup mission in the late 1970s.
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Harry Daniel did a great job telling-it-like-it-is about our Atomic Cleanup Mission. How can one live and work for six months where radioactive fallout fell from 43 Atomic bombs and your radiation badge reads 0.000 exposure to radiation? LT Daniel quotes from declassified documents and puts time relationships of events in perspective. Washington DC needs to admit we had at-risk exposure to ionizing radiation instead of occupational exposure.
Our guest will be Harry Daniels. Harry was one of the veterans that was involved in the clean-up of the Atoll Islands after the nuclear testing
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Enewetak Atoll Atomic Cleanup Mission Veterans have hair-raising reactions when hearing our mission was occupational instead of at-risk exposure to ionizing radiation. Google+ Profile–Privacy · My Account · Profile. (default). All your Brand Accounts » · Add account · Sign out. Google Account. Main menu.
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The story behind historic War Department letter When you start researching the story behind a single document, you never know where it might lead. I’ve
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Financing tiny homes can be a problem. Any solutions?
After hearing all the hype about tiny homes — the TV shows, lifestyle websites and magazine photo spreads — Lee Saenz decided that building the dinky dwellings would make a great part of his second career.
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Tips for networking with prospective mentors and cold calling an influential person you have never met.
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I'm happy to say we now have 447 Atomic Cleanup Veterans on our Current Locations Map. You ever wonder where we all ended up after we left Enewetak Atoll? This map shows where about 5.6% (447 reconnectors/8033 participants) of us were when we signed the Atomic Cleanup Veterans Survivors Roster. (Zoom out until you see the world view, then zoom in on the United States.) The Atomic Cleanup of Enewetak Atoll ended in 1980. Now more than 35 years later, Atomic Cleanup Veterans are re-connecting from all over the world.
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Please remember to help Veterans this Christmas Season! I know of one particular Atomic Cleanup Veteran who needs financial assistance. This man is undaunted in his quest to help fellow Atomic Cleanup Veterans get legislation passed so we can get VA Health Assistance. Take a look at what KREM2 reported about his (and our) challenges at and donate what you are able at and have a very Merry Christmas!

I am reaching yout to you for help in my temporary time of need. While I am awaiting appeals with the veteran's administration and social security, and only receivng $455 a month from the VA, it becomes difficult. The process is moving but slow, thus I need your help. Your help will help me get...
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You can get second chances by admitting mistakes, offering more information and other tactics. Ask for feedback often and always follow up.
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Great business opportunity for architects to provide to the real estate community!
The next time you buy a house, remodel something or rent a new office, your first view of it might be through a virtual reality headset.
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Our group of Atomic Cleanup Veterans have gained the attention of over 100 federal politicians and if all goes well, we could have two laws changed in our favor before the end of the current administration's term. The first and second will change our "occupational" exposure to radiation to "at-risk" exposure. They are H.B.5980 Mark Takai Atomic Veterans Healthcare Parity Act. and the identical Senate bill S.2791 . The third bill will establish a radiation registry for the atomic cleanup veterans, just like they have/had for the atomic veterans who witnessed the tests. That bill is at . Please encourage your federal senate and representatives to vote yes on getting these bills passed into law. Otherwise, we start over at square one after the new president takes office in 2017.
Text for H.R.5980 - 114th Congress (2015-2016): Mark Takai Atomic Veterans Healthcare Parity Act
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