Camilla made it onto ABC's Good Morning America!
This morning's appearance on ABC's Good Morning America was fun. But I am sure +Philip Plait would agree with me - it should have been a little more accurate.

This is why we are doing STEM education! To get the facts out there, to educate and to inspire boys and girls into fun careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The students on this mission put together the payload and launched me with a helium balloon to 120,000 feet. I was measuring solar radiation after a big M-class solar flare.

Here are some screen shots from this morning's GMA segment.

1) The kids did not use a rocket. Certainly not the most beautiful flying machine ever built. We flew with a helium balloon. Which might not sound as exciting, but for a kid this is an incredible experience, including the recovery process!

2) "Chicken in the Cosmos" is not correct. The word cosmos is now used as a greater word for the universe. In order to get into the cosmos, one actually has to leave Earth's gravitational pull. For that you must travel much faster than in a balloon. In order to leave Earth's gravity, the escape velocity is about 7 miles (11 km) per second.

3) "Kids launching items into orbit" - well, an orbit is the gravitationally curved path of an object around a point in space. Or you can also see it as a controlled fall with just enough push forward to mess crashing into the object. Since the balloon went up and the payload came straight back down, there was no orbit reached.

Nevertheless, being on National TV is good exposure so others can see that it is actually pretty easy and inspiring to reach the edge of space. I know these students will do more amazing stuff - like last night launching in the meteor showers... stay tuned for more updates from them.
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