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Oh... at last!

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Ok, I hope you have all got your thinking caps on, coz this one has had me stumped for a few weeks.

I have set up a new Channel Grouping and want to add the (not provided) keyword traffic that lands on the home page into a new channel called Branded Organic Traffic (it isn't perfect, but it makes more sense than leaving it in non-branded). The problem I have is that the Custom Channels don't allow you to build filters in the same way as the segments, so the filter is including (not provided) traffic that hasn't landed on the home page as well.

I'm probably going about this all wrong, but my brain is fried from looking at it for so long, so I hope your collective expertise can help me? 

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Will have a look at this later. Anyone used it or something similar? 

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What do Medium-Sized Businesses Miss in Social Media?

#worthwhile  post from +Steve Farnsworth on how to communicate in social media if you're a medium-sized business (read: a company that's small enough that you need to create a message but not big enough to have people who know how to do it well). Bottom line: Social media should build messages and conversations directed at building your brand in the eyes of your customers and prospects. Period.

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Haha... +Stuart Taylor
Happy SysAdmin day to anyone out there who runs their own servers and networks :)

Webcomic courtesy of XKCD at:

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Facebook Organic Growth: How to Defy the Odds and Grow a Huge Facebook Community
By Michael Stelzner

Do you want to grow a massive Facebook following?

Are you wondering how an organic Facebook strategy can be successful?

To learn how to grow a huge organic following on Facebook using techniques you have likely never heard of, I interview +Holly Homer for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast. -Kim

#facebookmarketing   #facebooktips  

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New: Google AdWords Dynamic Sitelinks

Google announced their new form of AdWords sitelinks named dynamic sitelinks.

Dynamic sitelinks are automatically generated links that appear below your ad text. These links send customers to a page on your website that’s highly relevant based on recent search activities.

Clicks on dynamic sitelinks are free but you will still be charged for clicks on the headline of your ad and other ad extensions. They are rolling out globally now.

+Ginny Marvin at +Search Engine Land has more details and you can also learn more in this Google help document

ht +Barry Schwartz 
#googleadwords   #googlesearchupdate  

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In-Page Analytics Google Chrome Extension
Google has just released a new Chrome extension for in-page examination. It’s a very quick and convenient way to check  how visitors interact with your pages thus allowing you to see detailed information as you surf them. One may ask “How is this page performing?”. With just a simple click of a button now all the analytics for this page are displayed for the webmaster to analyse.

Installing the extension is as easy as installing any other Chrome extension, but in order to use it you will need to have Google Analytics Permission of some sort- Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate or Read & Analyse.

Download the extension here: and once ready just click on the google analytics icon in the top right corner. That’s it, you are ready to go.

I’m not gonna go trough all features, but there is one I’d like you to pay a special attention to. It’s called “Segments” and it sits  first in line – probably Google thinking that it should be the first one you should be looking at. Click on the drop down menu and you will find all the Segments you have created in your Google Analytics view.

Are Segments important in Google Analytics? Well when it comes to data analysis- segmentation is the place to start. Google gives us a huge amount of information. On the other side people come to your website to accomplish different goals. Without segmentation your data would not make any sense. And if you think it does that I urge you to rethink your analysis using Segments again.

In the end I’d like to think that this article will help you to find and analyze your data in a much faster way using The Page Analytics Chrome Extension.

Share your comments and thoughts below.

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Bookmark this > All Social Network Branding Asset Guides In One Place!


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