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Anime Matsuri ~ Part Three!
The Sunday tea party had less people than Saturday, more food, and music with neighing horses~ haha! I sat at table "Lloyd" with four other girls, one being from the Metroplex comm also. Mini macarons and tuffles. Team Lloyd!  People from different comms/ar...

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Anime Matsuri ~ Part Two!
Saturday evening I changed into an OTT sweet coord~ so many accessories~ ugh, ignore the awful face mahou shoujo full photo~ A bunch of friends and myself actually
played hide-and-seek around the con (pretty fun!) We didn't go to a
whole lot of panels bec...

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Anime Matsuri ~ Part One!
Hello, hello! This past weekend I attended Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas~ It was a lot of fun, mainly because of my friends though... Anyways, this will be part one of my Anime Matsuri posts! On Friday we arrived at the hotel at 8A.M. to find out they wer...

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Lolita Blog Carnival ~ Romantic Coordinate Ideas!
  Happy Valentine's Day! Hello lovelies! Today is Valentine's Day ~the day of looove~ I hope everyone has a good day (if you celebrate or not~)! The Lolita Blog Carnival topic is ~Romantic Coordinate Ideas~ My first thought on romantic outfits was:   Some d...

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Lolita Blog Carnival ~ 1 Piece for 4 Seasons!
Hello lovelies! I told you I would be trying to post more and I am! This week's Lolita Blog Carnival post is using one piece for the four different seasons. My outfits for this don't vary a whole lot and I did not add accessories - I'm sorry! I did this rat...

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Deepest apologies! (and a wardrobe post)~
Hello lovelies! I am so sorry that I have not posted in a while~ school and work have really been taking a toll on me! I meant to participate in the Lolita Blog Carnival topic two weeks ago  U.U; I will be participating this Friday though! I've also got som...

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Lolita Blog Carnival ~ A Peek Inside of my Closet!
This week's Lolita Blog Carnival is going to give you a peek at my wardrobe.  I've decided to make a video for this post (saving taking all of the photos until EGL's wardrobe post theme~) and have only included my main pieces (OPs, JSKs, skirts). In order, ...

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Lolita Blog Carnival ~ My Lolita Inspirations! ♡
I actually have two other posts about my Lolita Inspirations: here and here . I still love seeing outfits from all of these wonderful people, but there are two I would like to add! Midori Fukasawa She is so beautiful! I love to see her in Lolita, but I thin...

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Lolita Blog Carnival ~ What My Family Thinks About Lolita Fashion!
When I first started getting into Lolita I would show my mom pictures and talk to her about it quite a bit. She seemed to really like it and even bought me my first dresses! My mom also bought me my first brand dress (well, set) from the egl_sales_comm for ...

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Lolita Blog Carnival ~ How I Got Interested in Lolita Fashion!
We all started somewhere... Thinking back to when I first found Lolita... I was in about seventh grade and I was probably looking at anime or punk clothing - something like that. I looked at it for a while and I remember that I thought it was pretty. Howeve...
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