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GODSPEED magazine
GODSPEED is a digital magazine focused on God in action.
GODSPEED is a digital magazine focused on God in action.


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Join GODSPEED magazine as Bishop Angel Nunez brings us behind the scenes of the massive revival happening in Washington D.C. April 9th in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  
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What About You?

Are you getting sucked into the culture of apathy and comfort or do you wake up every day praising God for your purpose driven life? Have you been praying to know God's will for your life for (a lot) longer than you'd like ?

Did God place something in your spirit that constantly feels restless because you know you're not doing what He made you to do?

When you connect with God in action inside GODSPEED magazine, you'll have to stretch what you believe is possible. For example, you'll have to accept the fact that 18 stadiums were simultaneously filled in the largest missions movement in history.

One nation, one day? Yes. It already happened twice.

Maybe you'll click on this story and join them as they do it again this year?

With one click in GODSPEED magazine, you can join our brothers and sisters in Christ. Every part of The Body of Christ is necessary. You are necessary. Take your place.

Your pocket full of the hope has arrived. Having GODSPEED magazine will always remind you that neither our brothers and sisters in Christ nor Abba, our father God are far from you (Acts 17: 26-28).

His people are saving nations in a day. His people are feeding tens of thousands in America. His people are giving jobs and work to survivors of natural disasters globally. Now you'll be lighting the world by telling these (and many other) stories glorifying God.

If you belong to The Body of Christ, your entire extended global family is waiting for you to take your place. You now have an all access pass.

Do you belong?

Praise God.

May His will be done in each of us in Jesus' name.
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