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Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has officially bought the LA Clippers for a hefty $2,000,000,000.

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BREAKING: Detroit has become the largest city in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy.


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Isn't it amazing that the democratically-controlled Senate hasn't passed a budget in years, but when the Republicans pass legislation threatening to confiscate their paychecks, the Senate Dem's have finally turned over a budget this year!!!

Perfect summer evening for a #stogie on the deck

Perfect summer evening to enjoy a #stogey on the deck

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Microsoft really shot themselves in the foot. The PS4 will be a game changer
Sony: The PS4 doesn't restrict used games, doesn't require an online connection, will cost $399, available "this holiday season." Game changer? #E3 #SonyE3  

So another February passes, and Obama still has not submitted a budget to Congress. I will bet $1,000 that Barack spends more time filling out his March Madness brackets than creating a solvent budget.

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Learn the truth about wealth "inequality" in America.
Wealth Inequality in America, The Critique

Stogey's tonight at the Grand Cru with the fellas...

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Here we go Uncle. We've been saying this for a while.
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