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Ibilola Essien
Through my eyes is a reflection of how I perceive trust, issues, love, pain, suffering and most of all the going concerns of my beloved country; Nigeria.
Through my eyes is a reflection of how I perceive trust, issues, love, pain, suffering and most of all the going concerns of my beloved country; Nigeria.

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The Cost Of Keeping Quiet
am a very private person. I in most cases mind my business, mind my space and
mind my life. So
whenever anything untoward happens, there is often a waging war going on in my
heart. ‘Do
I let this go?’ ‘Do
I just mind my business?’ ‘Am
I creating a reputat...

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The Thorns and My Beauty
I hated the thorns. They were so prickly, so uncomfortable. They made me feel so unworthy. I was not in control, they choked me with rules, choked me with pressure, they refused to choke me at my convenience. Arrrrrggghhh, how I hated the thorns. They made ...

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I am woman. I am evolving.
Today I am a bundle of insecurities and the next day I am a pillar of strength. Truth is I find me frightening. What I would do for that one and what I wouldn't do for that one and the offshoot emotions that ferment mysteries. What I would give to be left a...

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Lucas Togan says Beating Your Wife: Authority or Cowardice?
The piece below is a man's journey to redemption. I finally stopped beating my wife just last weekend. And I vowed never to touch her again. The reason for this paradigm shift is what I want to share in this article. In the few years that I've been married,...

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Naked and Ashamed
Everything. My fears, My pain, My joy, My exuberance, Everything. I revealed all that I was. I showed him the nakedness of my heart. He had listened, he had held me in his arms when I cried, he had protected me when I felt the world was against me, he had g...

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While you wait...
I have been married for almost 3 years and I have no children. I do not rejoice in this nor do I expect that you to feel sorry for me. It is what it is.   I am proud enough to want to see replicas of myself and stroll the pavement with mini-me's. A girl tha...

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What men think of Nigerian women!
I logged on to my Facebook page the other day and strolled through my timeline to see what was new. I came across this Dude's post and I paused to read his comments (I always stop to read the comments under his posts). The post was ''Nigeria women are...'' ...

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Through His Eyes-The Expectation of the Unexpected.
He understood that the complexities of human pranks escaped me. As much as I look like I am all grown and worldly, he knew I was just a little girl eager to explore the world and be loved. He cyber stalked me till we met smiles and every conversation that...

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Someone is pounding the door like yam in a mortar. I run out in my towel...geez...who could that be? And there she stands, all glorious with her sun stricken face. My Frenemy. ''Where have you been?'' Where did you put your phone?'' ''Are we still going out...

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That thing called Temptation...
You know it is wrong.   That sweet foreboding interest in that thing or person that is ''out of bounds'' That desire to perform an action that you will enjoy for a short term but will regret immensely.   You look away, you stay away. You do not want to hurt...
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