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Simply Chopped Snack Bars
Gluten/Dairy Free Snack Bars. Kosher. USA Made. No fillers.
Gluten/Dairy Free Snack Bars. Kosher. USA Made. No fillers.


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From Angela, the Founder of Simply Chopped:

No Gluten, Inc guarantees that all our products will be produced in compliance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938, but not limited to, Amendments thereto such as the Food Additives Amendments of 1958 or within the meaning of any State Food and Drug Law. We guarantee that products produced in our manufacturing facility will also be in compliance with the GA Department of Agriculture.

We guarantee that none of our products comprising any shipment or other delivery now in transit or hereafter made to you is, as of the date of such shipment or delivery adulterated, or misbranded within the meaning of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act or any practically similar State law.

We will have produced our products in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. Our products will be packaged in such a manner and in a container that will reasonably protect the Product(s) from deterioration; and are good and merchantable and fit for the purpose for which they are sold to you the customer or Vendee.
All packages containing our products will be properly labeled in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission and GA Department of Agriculture guidelines, and will reflect true net weight, measure, contents and size pursuant to all applicable federal and state requirements. All packaging materials are certified approved by the USDA/FDA for food and/or food ingredient use.

We guarantee safe, legal methods of producing our products in pursuant as above federal and state guidelines. Our Simply Chopped Snack Bars are Certified Gluten Free and Kosher.

Our commitment to you is to keep our products as real as Mother Nature herself.
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Do you love cheese? Looking for a Vegetarian cheese? This super easy Herbed Cashew Cheese recipe by One Green Planet is AMAZING! Even our meat eating friends loved it. Have some "twists" you could share?

#Cheese, #OneGreenPlanet, #Vegan, #Vegetarian
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At Simply Chopped we have had the opportunity to bring like minded individuals together that believe in supporting organizations dedicated to Earth and it's inhabitants. So, when we come across well known, reputable organizations that are trying to make the world a better place, we want to share! Per World Wildlife Fund, "Be a Champion for Nature"!

Scroll down this page/link and see the MANY ways you can help!

#Charity, #WWF, #GivingBack, #Pandas, #Earth
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Love adventure? Getting outside for some fresh air and exercise is certainly on our top list, not to mention exploring our beautiful #MotherEarth. If you love to go #camping and enjoy a bit of luxury, you might want to check out this link!

Oh .... and before you head out, consider grabbing a box of our amazingly delicious snack/energy bars to keep you fueled up!

#GlutenFree, #DairyFree, #SoyFree, #Adventure, #SnackBars
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At Simply Chopped we love the #Outdoors. Everything from Scuba Diving, to #Hiking, #MountainBiking, #Kayaking, #Running, Rock Climbing, #Mountaineering, #Gardening and so much more. We think our bars are the perfect snack to keep you going for all of your adventures, so consider grabbing yourself a box today!

Something that we came across that might be of interest to all of our water lovers is #Maritime #Archaeology!

As Jim Delgado PhD, a true Maritime Archaeologist states this career, "is the study, from what people leave behind, of how we as human beings have interacted with the oceans and with lakes and rivers. It goes back thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, as people harvested goods from the sea, learned how to fish, built the first canoes to cross the oceans, to today’s modern times when big massive ships ply the oceans carrying oil, large numbers of people, and in the 21st century, still transport 90% of the things that people buy and use by water."

Click on this link to learn more and then look to the right of the screen for more great quick load videos!
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Are you and adventurer? Love the ocean but looking for a way to see the underworld without having to SCUBA dive? Welcome to the Platypus - a semi-submersible that brings undersea fun to those that are non-divers. What do you think?

#Snorkeling, #SCUBA, #Ocean, #Underwater, #MarineLife
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Love to #MoutainBike?

Consider grabbing a box of our sustainable, delicious, soft and moist snack bars to keep you fueled during your adventure! Looking for some great towns to head to that are perfect for this incredible sport? Follow one of our favorites National Geographic link below.

#GlutenFree, #EnergyBars, #Snack, #DairyFree, #SimplyChopped
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1. Hand Made Snack Bars - no joke, all by hand
2. Certified Gluten Free
3. Dairy Free
4. Certified Kosher
5. We use Raw Honey and No Fillers
6. We are Outdoor Enthusiasts
7. We are Eco Conscious
8. Perfect 2 BARS PER PACK
9. Organic Ingredients

Our newest flavors: Coconut Lime and Coffee Cocoa Nib!!

#NutritionforAthletes, #GlutenFree, #DairyFree, #Vegetarian, #HealthyLiving, #Energybars, #Snackbars, #Kosher, #EcoFriendly, #BackPackers, #Hikers, #Coffee, #Coconut
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What do people think about our bars?

Joyce Oberacker
Tried these snack bars and they are REALLY good. Finally something that isn't full of fillers and rice crisps and added vitamins and minerals. Just dates, nuts, fruit and honey. Clean eating, the way my family eats. Love them!

Krysti Cox
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these bars!!! I can't say enough about them. Healthy, taste great and very filling!! And I love Angela!! So happy to see your bars going nation wide!! The world deserves to try your awesome creations!!

Susan Tapper
Always on the hunt for a great tasting and healthy snack...stumbled on these and they are so delicious. You have to try one!!!!

Pam Andler
Love them! Enjoy both during and after an intense work out. They are yummy and wholesome.

Kate Forster
I can honestly say this is the BEST natural snack bar I've had. So glad to have discovered you guys!

Jessica Robertson
These bars are awesome and HEALTHY!! ALL natural ingredients!! Get you some now!

Robyn GoodPasture
Love these! Perfect post cardio!!!! YUMMO!!!!
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Who doesn't love Whole Foods Market? Fresh #organic produce, products free of many additives and preservatives and a company that gives back. We were checking out some of their recipes and came across this link that offers some of their most popular summer ones.   Have a favorite of your own? Please share!!

#WholeFoodsMarket, #HealthyLiving, #SnackBars, #GivingBack
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