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J. B. Rainsberger
I'm a European stuck in a Canadian's body.
I'm a European stuck in a Canadian's body.

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None of the TDD portion of this map had anything to do with TDD. Not even a little. Who's the asshole? 

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If you listened to my podcast/hangout at and have questions, then you can ask them here!

I created confusion last time. Let me avoid that.

You won't all be able to join the hangout to start. Only join the hangout to ask a question. After I've answered your question, please leave the hangout so that someone else can join. You can watch the session at YouTube:

If you'd prefer to ask your question in advance, then please ask it here.


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Watch the video at and I apologise for the link confusion. I'm still figuring out how Google organises these things.

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The one suggestion [to remedy undefined variables] is to extend the original range with an additional value "undefined" or "nil"; this is the kind of remedy that pure mathematicians tend to invent, but it leads to all sorts of conflicts, exceptions and logical patches. - Edsger Dijkstra

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An hour well invested. Enjoy.

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When you find yourself in the mood to think and have two hours to spare...

Don't eliminate the risk of failure; instead, drive the cost of failure down. If most failure becomes insignificant, then we no longer risk failure, and everything simply becomes an experiment.

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I've backed this film at Kickstarter aimed at making people more aware of the potential for many carbohydrates to slowly kill many people. If you're healthier today because you've oriented your diet away from carbohydrates, then please consider backing this film to spread the message even farther. #lchf   #lowcarb  
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