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Remembering is Empowering: The 106th Anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
A Unionized Garment Shop by Ralph Fasanella. O Girls Girls! Teenage immigrants Tell me where did you go in the
fire? (Tessie! Caterina! Antonietta!
Somebody tell me) I jumped to the street Where my bones and concrete meet. The sewer my blood runs through.  ...

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"Beloved Comrades," Annette Rubinstein, Marc and the Great Tradition in English Literature
Annette T. Rubinstein was a titan who
excelled as an author, educator and activist known to very few. That was by design. Rubinstein was an
uncompromising leftist, a member of the Communist Party for a time,
but even McCarthyism and the blacklist could not ...

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Next Saturday, I'll be speaking in New York City, at the Mulberry Street Library, 10 Jersey Street, around the corner from where my grandmother Rosina was born. I'll share the podium with professor Gerald Meyer, author of "Vito Marcantonio: Radical Politician." He is the dean of all things involving the marvelous East Harlemite and encyclopedic in his knowledge of left wing politics in New York and beyond. It's a big thrill for me personally. Jerry will be talking about Marcantonio's relationship to the renowned Marxist literary critic Annette Rubinstein. I will talk about her analysis of the Romantic rebels such as Percy Byshhe Shelley, pictured here. Show up and I'll teach you how to pronounce his middle name. Proceedings start at 3 p.m.

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Vito Marcantonio Forum to Honor Melissa Mark-Viverito
And yet, there is a legacy. Melissa Mark-Viverito . Destroyed politically by his enemies,
shunted into historical anonymity by the same forces, Vito
Marcantonio's efforts resisted complete erasure. Concrete structures
and subtler traces of Marc's presence a...

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The Wilson-Pakula Act
Vito Marcantonio said the new law had
everything but his picture on it. That's because legislative text has no
pictures, otherwise it might have, with a target superimposed over Marc's face.  But the bill had names affixed to it
they were the names of Marca...

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Immigrant Stories
Anthony Tamburri Anthony Tamburri recently wrote “When We Were Were Muslims,” for “La Voce di New York,” hearkening back to a
time when Italians in America were declared enemy aliens.  President Trump's edict reminded
Tamburri, dean, John D. Calandra Italia...

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When It Was Still a Hill (John Fante's Downtown)
I wrote this piece over the summer for the new "Downtown Weekly," but they don't pay, so "highwayscribery" wins. It's a look at old Bunker Hill, now a cultural-corporate corridor, through the eyes of L.A.'s own John Fante. Travel writer Charles Keeler wrote...

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When It Was Still a Hill (John Fante's Downtown L.A.)
I wrote this piece for the newly minted "Downtown Weekly," but they don't pay so I'm taking it back and running it on my own brand. It's a look at the Bunker Hill neighborhood, now a cultural-corporate complex, through the eyes of famous Los Angeles scribe,...

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The city
had that hard concrete cold and your bones were like the icy sidewalk
under your shoes. Marc was smoking in the doorway to The Club. Manuel
Medina was chewing on his ear. "Albizu Campos is organizing a
rebellion. That's what I have heard. The Puert...
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