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From the article: "Sen. Grace Poe, also presidential contender, listed general steps like lower food production costs, provide credit and infrastructure ..."

Credit for*agriculture, even a tiny bit!  What a concept.  Surely everyone knows that even if you've clearly invested a few million pesos in Philippine agriculture, when you need that last twenty-thousand to get to harvest or lose*it*all, the bankers will laugh at your attempt to borrow that tiny amount even if you offer all as collateral, 20000x on the requested minor loan.  Hey, it's NOT A CAR!

You will fail, you will lose your entire investment, you will have zero hope of replanting (all capital lost).   You can't even pay taxes on the land and how will you support your family now?  Someone please tell me how this is good for the Philippines and Filipinos.

There is zero credit for agriculture no matter what the developed physical collateral.  You can easily get a loan for an ostentatious motor-vehicle, but agriculture to feed people, employ people, help the Philippines advance?  No way!  Zero pesos on the your million investment!

Doesn't anyone care to see what's wrong with this?
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