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#caniborrowyourpen  LOL
This is one of life's parodies...a simple act
can utterly destroy your, sometimes...

Totally hilarious!  Smile looks good on you :)

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Best degrees for Grad school?  Uh...yeah...we'll see about that :)

I can honestly say, that when I went to school...this is EXACTLY
how I felt...what can you learn from a Zombie?  We'll see....

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#unbroken   #MOTIVATIONAL   #VIDEO  

A most excellent primer...for when you're feeling a bit...well...


May this inspire you today :)

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Jeb Corliss
Grinding The Crack

Jeb has fears...(just like all of us)...
yet, his story is one of inspiration and insight...

Enjoy this flight of freedom...
but more importantly, remember...

Conquering fear is not only intentional,
it is a continual process that lasts a lifetime.

Who else would like to fly like this?

Drop a comment or share!

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Loving The Hobbit
What an epic story...Peter Jackson is a directing genius...enjoy this candid video sprinkled with out-takes :)

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Top Ten Guitar Solos

Yeup...sometimes you just have to get
your "air guitar" groove on :)

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